Rom Krupp

Plano Guest Payment Startup OneDine Launches OneDine Checkout

by | Mar 3, 2023
Plano-based OneDine—a leading SaaS platform that provides on-demand guest ordering and payment for the restaurant and hotel industry—has launched a new innovation it calls OneDine Checkout. The solution "digitizes and streamlines the full guest checkout process" using handheld tablets and QR codes, OneDine says. "OneDine Checkout expedites the end-of-dining process to improve the guest experience, while greatly enhancing the insights brands have into their guests," founder and CEO Rom Krupp says.
Plano Restaurant Tech Startup OneDine Raises $5M to Broaden App’s Reach
by | Jan 28, 2020
The funding, which puts OneDine's pre-money valuation at $90 million, is expected to bring the company's table-side ordering and payment solution to restaurants across the U.S.