Jeremy McKane

Activist Artist Combines Technology and Interactive Art in his Mission to Save the Oceans

by | Jan 13, 2021 (the Ocean Currency Network) gathers and stores data on ocean conditions using blockchain tech, drones, and information from scientific partners to keep ocean sanctuaries pristine with autonomous enforcement.
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Reflections on Earth Day:
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In honor of Earth Day on Sunday, we’re taking a look back at our stories focused on efforts to be kind to our world. From crowdfunding agriculture to protecting our oceans to renewable energy and more, here are some DFW companies and projects to know.
Next Frontier: 8 North Texas Companies on the Forefront of Blockchain
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Art/Code Digital Dallas 2016
< Art/Code > Event Lights Up with Digital Art at Dallas Gallery
by | Jul 28, 2016
Exhibits fusing art and technology filled the Aria Stone Gallery Wednesday night as part of Digital Dallas’ event.
Jeremy Mckane Digital Dallas Art/Code
Artist Makes 1st Mind-controlled Digital Video Art Installation
by | Jul 15, 2016
Artist spotlight on Jeremy McKane who will be one of 15 artists featured at < Art / Code >.
Jeremy McKane’s Vision Takes Aim at Polluted Oceans
by | Apr 8, 2016
Working alongside LUCiD, McKane is helping to raise both awareness and the help create the means to rid the oceans of trash that has accumulated there over the years.