Need Inspiration? Find Your Mantra in Our Top 2016 Quotes

Read through our 10 favorite quotes from this year's stories.

Best quotes of 2016

We’ve sorted through our stories from this year and, though it was hard to choose, we selected our top 10 favorite quotes.

We hope these tidbits of wisdom will inspire you to think deeper, encourage you to act, and help you find new perspective as we reflect back and get ready for 2017. Enjoy!

“To be a champion of change, there is no such thing as a comfort zone.”

Hayden Blackburn, assistant director for TECH Fort Worth and former director of IDEA Works FW

“Grit and ingenuity are as Texan as pecan trees and oil wells.”   

Minute Menu COO Natalie Clark on why the company choose Dallas

“Like the ocean, my work is a living thing — constantly changing with world events.”   

Artist Jeremy McKane

“You cannot control the outcome of any of your endeavors, but you can control your contribution to the process.” 

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center co-founder Trey Bowles on advice he would give an 18-year-old version of himself

“I really love the shampoo analogy. If it’s working, rinse, lather, repeat, rinse, lather, repeat.”   

John Nosal, director of web development for Advice Interactive, on consistency in SEO strategies

 “Capitalism is getting a facelift  for good.”   

Suzanne Smith, founder of Social Impact Architects

“The smartphone is the remote control of your life.”   

Dr. David Albert, chief medical officer of AliveCor Inc., on the importance of mobile devices in health care

“To affect the change we want to see, we have to acknowledge that there are different systems at play for different people.”   

Social Venture Partners Dallas CEO Tony Fleo

“Doing something you’re passionate about has a lot to do not just with being willing to fail, but embodying failure into your life.”   

Bottle Rocket’s Calvin Carter on failure in business

“We are at the frontier of knowledge and technology — who knows what lies at the other side of the door?”   

Dr. Kaushik De, director of UTA’s Center of Excellence in High Energy Physics

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