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Hedera Governing Council Adds 2 Leaders to Executive Team

by | Dec 9, 2022

The Hedera Governing Council has appointed two new members to the executive team. The council is a consortium of leading organizations that operate the open source, hashgraph-powered, carbon-negative Hedera network for Web3 applications. Hedera said that the appointments come after it decentralized earlier this year, a move in which the product, engineering, and marketing departments of Hedera spun off into Swirlds Labs....

Building on a ‘Crypto Mining Gold Rush’: Dallas’ Blockmetrix Raises $43M Series B
by | Mar 8, 2022
With $50 million in total funding since launching just last year, Blockmetrix plans to purchase more than 5,000 bitcoin mining rigs, adding to more than 1,000 it currently operates—mostly in Oklahoma.

But the startup aims to go beyond mining bitcoin to research and develop crypto revenue sources, loan bitcoin, set up a cryptocurrency exchange, and more.
Hedera Hashgraph Eyes ‘Next‑Generation Gaming’ with Ubisoft Partnership
by | Feb 3, 2022
The HBAR Foundation, an independent organization funded and established by the Richardson-based distributed ledger technology company, is partnering with French videogame developer Ubisoft in an effort to support gaming and entertainment innovators worldwide.
Hedera Will Open-Source Its Hashgraph Code to ‘Capitalize on Growing Demand for Public DLT’
by | Jan 20, 2022
The Hedera Governing Council will buy the IP from Swirlds, a startup co-founded in 2015 by the inventor of the Hashgraph algorithm. Dallas mathematician and computer scientist Leemon Baird created the distributed ledger technology to outperform other protocols in power, security, and speed.  This could be a breakout moment.  

South Korean Bank Tests Stablecoins on North Texas-Based Hedera Network

by | Dec 2, 2021
The solution developed by Shinhan Bank and a global megabank outside of Korea enables cross-border funds to be sent and received in a locally denominated stablecoin with "remarkably low fees." The solution is built using the Hedera Token Service and Hedera Consensus Service.
Meet the Finalists for Tech Titans’ 20th Annual Awards Gala
The Roaring Twenties-themed virtual event will be a live, cinematic experience complete with a "Speakeasy Party To Go" feature for at-home watch parties. See who could take home an award.
The Coupon Industry is Big. And The Coupon Bureau is Changing the Game Using Dallas-based Hedera’s Tech
by | Sep 24, 2020
Although the multi-million dollar coupon processing industry is over a century old, it still faces issues with fraud and lack of transparency. The Coupon Bureau is looking to revolutionize the industry with its new universal digital coupon. Here’s how it works.

MassChallenge Texas: How Dallas’ Hashing Systems Could Create a (Decentralized) Financial Infrastructure for the Future

by | Aug 10, 2020
Dallas-based Hashing Systems is on a mission to create the financial infrastructure of the future. The startup builds crypto-financial infrastructure based on Hedera Hashgraph and Ethereum, which enables companies to move tokens across a decentralized finance space faster and more cost effective than current methods.
Dallas-based Hedera Hashgraph rasies $100 million to further develop public distributed dedger Network and Dapp Ecosystem.
Google Joins the Hedera Hashgraph Governing Council
by | Feb 18, 2020
Google joins IBM, Tata Communications, and other major corporations on Dallas-based Hedera's Governing Council, which is tasked with supporting the distributed ledger technology.
LaunchPad Lift Accepts UTD Computer Science Senior to Elite Program
by | Feb 17, 2020
Pablo Peillard, who founded a decentralized ledger technology startup backed by Dallas' Hedera Hashgraph, was the second UT Dallas student to be chosen for the virtual cohort-based program.
Hedera Hashgraph Joins the Fight Against Coronavirus by Powering a Data Visualization Tool
by | Feb 3, 2020
Dallas' Hedera Hashgraph, which has an enterprise-grade distributed public ledger, is teaming up with blockchain-enabled app developer Acoer to provide useful information on the coronavirus outbreak to scientists, researchers, and journalists.

Open Access: Hedera Hashgraph’s Blockchain Alternative Network Now Available to the Public

by | Sep 17, 2019
Hedera knows that for its distributed ledger technology platform to become mainstream, it has to be easy to integrate. Local companies Zabo and Hashing Systems—along with 24 others—are on board to help with that.
Hedera Open Access
Hedera Hashgraph Announces Date for Open Access to Its Main Public Network
by | Aug 29, 2019
The Dallas-based distributed ledger platform also announced it has open-sourced its mirror nodes and will begin a strategic 15-year coin distribution.
Hedera Hashgraph Gets IBM and Tata Communications For Its Governing Council
by | Aug 15, 2019
Hedera Hashgraph has announced two more members to govern changes to its enterprise-ready distributed ledger platform. As Hedera moves closer to its Mainnet going live, we look back on how the Council came to be, what its role in the Mainnet launch will be, and what companies are involved.
‘Consider Us Flattered’: Hedera Hashgraph Says Thanks to Facebook in Full-Page WSJ Ad
by | Jun 24, 2019
Last week, Facebook launched its new global cryptocurrency, Libra. But Dallas' Hedera noticed a lot of similarities with the launch. We spoke with Hedera's CEO and co-founder to see why "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."