Dallas’ Hedera Hashgraph Powers a COVID-19 and STD Digital Testing App

Hedera Hashgraph and Safe Health Systems created the SAFE HealthCheck app, a health status verification platform that's anchored to your verified testing records.

An app that can provide COVID-19 and STD testing and health status verification is being made readily available with the help of Dallas-based technology.

New York-based E&I Cooperative Services, a member-owned nonprofit cooperative that delivers solutions and services for the education community, has awarded a contract to Safe Health Systems (SAFE) to make its SAFE HealthCheck app quickly available. In doing so, the app will be offered to E&I’s member institutions nationwide with preferred pricing.

The SAFE HealthCheck app is a health status verification platform for COVID-19, STD, and other low-acuity testing.

Essentially a ‘digital passport,’ the application is anchored to your verified testing records. SAFE describes it as an everything-in-one digital solution for testing on the go: there’s a symptom checker, automated testing protocols and scheduling, identity access verification, and more.

It’s also HIPAA, HITRUST, and GDPR compliant.

E&I will be helping educational institutions across the U.S. keep down cases with the SAFE HealthCheck app. According to its website, E&I provides more than 125 competitively solicited contracts and resources to members nationwide. 

“With the coronavirus outbreak, it’s essential that educational institutions take the necessary measures and response to prevent the spread of the virus on campus,” Ken Mayer, Founder and CEO of SAFE, said in a statement. “E&I is also helping tackle the stigma and improve safety by contracting for non-COVID testing services around STDs. Individuals now have the resources to play a more active role in their healthcare records and data.”

To make the turnkey solution, SAFE partnered with Hedera Hashgraph, the Dallas-based distributed ledger platform that has a public main network, giving anyone the ability to create accounts or build decentralized applications on its network.

SAFE and Hedera created the platform, enabling remote health checks and more topical and remote COVID-19 testing. 

“As health status verification and testing have become more important than ever, we are excited to offer the HealthCheck App to E&I members,” Aaron Spang, the VP of Research and Academic Healthcare at E&I, said in a statement. “We are proud to help educational institutions respond to the COVID-19 crisis effectively and safely while also protecting students’ health long-term with the added benefit of digitally-enabled STD testing.” 

The Hedera Consensus Service will store and verify a user’s digital health IDs within the app. This allows Hedera to validate, record, and order test results in a way that is cost-effective, fast, and secure, according to a statement.

The Hedera platform makes sure test results are verifiable. It also enables them to be available in real-time without compromising individual data privacy. Hedera said that it instead preserves end user privacy with advanced security, which proves the “benefit of a decentralized platform.”

Mance Harmon, the CEO of Hedera Hashgraph said decentralizing the SAFE HealthCheck app on Hedera’s network is essential for remote and accurate health testing.

“Having E&I join as the latest customer of the SAFE HealthCheck app is particularly exciting as we make a continued impact on the education sector. We are aware of the strong need for workplaces and educational facilities to respond to COVID-19, take the necessary measures to operate and reopen when safe to do so,” he said. “This application is a prime example of public distributed ledgers’ role in tackling real-world challenges such as medical testing.”

Last year, Hedera officially opened its main network to the public. You can learn more about the launch here.

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