Dell Technologies Joins the Hedera Governing Council

Round-Rock based Dell has joined the Governing Council of the Richardson-based Hedera network—an open-source, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy. As the 28th company on the council, Dell joins other leading organizations including Google, IBM, LG, Boeing, Ubisoft, Deutsche Telekom, and TATA Communications.

The Richardson-based Hedera network—an open-source, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy—has added a 28th company to its governing council, and it’s based right here in Texas.

Round Rock-based Dell Technologies joins other leading organizations on the council, including Google, IBM, LG, Boeing, Ubisoft, Deutsche Telekom, and TATA Communications:

[Image: Hedera Governing Council]

Dell will run its own Hedera node

As an active member of the council and network, Dell will run its own Hedera node, developing applications on the Hedera network for highly decentralized mission-critical environments such as edge computing, and openly sharing its results for the industry’s collective learning, Hedera said.

“Our customers rely on us to both maintain and help secure their existing infrastructure as well as advise them on technologies they are considering to assist them in achieving their goals, whether it’s in process optimization, new business models or meeting their ESG standards,” John Roese, Global CTO at Dell, said in a statement.

“By gaining hands-on experience with distributed ledger technology, we’re able to serve as a rational, holistic voice for customers considering incorporating DLT into their digital transformation,” Roese added.

Up to 11 spots remain to be filled on the council

[Image: Hedera Governing Council]

As seen above, Dell’s addition leaves up to 11 spots remaining on the Hedera Governing Council. 

Dell’s exploration of distributed ledger technology “will further strengthen its ability to help customers on their digital transformation journey through the application of Web3 and DLT technologies,” Hedera said.

Hedera added that with secure, provisioned DLTs, “customers can build cost effective and efficient applications across IT environments, including edge, that provide scalable data persistence, protection, control and process automation.”

Dell’s membership aligns with its work on Project Alvarium

Dell’s council membership is in alignment with its other initiatives focused on data decentralization, Hedera noted, including Project Alvarium—a Data Confidence Fabric capable of measuring data trust which aims to ensure better data confidence from distributed systems.

Alvarium uses DLT as “a core function to track data confidence across heterogenous and distributed edge computing ecosystems,” Hedera said.

Bill Miller, co-chair of the membership committee for the Hedera Governing Council, welcomed Dell’s incorporation into the council.

“Dell is a global leader in technology, with an expansive global footprint,” Miller said. “Like Hedera, Dell has innovation and scale at its core. Dell’s insight and decades of computing experience will bring even more expertise and innovative thinking to the Hedera Governing Council.”

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