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By the Numbers: Tech Roots Give DFW the Edge in UX/UI Boom

by | Sep 28, 2018
The user experience sector is exploding in Dallas-Fort Worth. That's a good pairing with the region's history as a high-tech hotbed.
Resource Guide for designers, creatives, and UX/UI pros in Dallas Fort Worth.
Creative Vault: Your Guide to Resources for Designers and UX/UI Pros in DFW
by | Sep 27, 2018
There are plenty of area associations, events, organizations, and educational institutions to help designers brainstorm, commiserate, learn, and hone their skills. Here's a resource guide to get you started.
UX talent
Teaching the Next Evolution of UX Design Thinking
by | Sep 27, 2018
Multi-dimensional UX: Preston McCauley has been working to help UX professionals discover new ways to approach the craft.
Cassini Nazir is the director of design and research for the ArtSciLab at the University of Texas at Dallas. [Photo: UTD]
Societal Urgency: UTD’s Cassini Nazir on the First-Person Experience
by | Sep 27, 2018
It would make sense that the best education in user-experience would involve a first-person experience. It's about finding needs and figuring out how to fill them.
Spacee founder Skip Howard wrote the code for the computer vision technology that allows individuals to interact with surfaces, which display information in response. [Photo: Spacee]

XR: 4 North Texas Companies ‘Extend the Experience’

by | Sep 26, 2018
In a service economy, winners will be companies who can best anticipate customer needs and can provide the best customer experience. Enter Extended Reality: Here are some DFW companies making bets on its future.
Norm Cox was on the Xerox team that literally built the desktop environment we use every day. [Sources: Norm Cox, Alexey-Bezrodny/iStockphoto]
The Iconoclast:
North Texas’ Norm Cox and a Legacy in Design
by | Sep 24, 2018
Tap a menu on your smartphone to pay for your coffee, or edit a Word doc. Either way, you can think of Norm Cox. The North Texan was on the Xerox team that developed the graphical interface that we still use today.