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Out of Injury, Invention: New Joint-Friendly Gravocore Nears Market

Posted by Amy Wolff Sorter

At age 48, Gorgi Nikkaran had a problem after undergoing a hip-resurfacing operation. Nikkaran, who described himself as once fit and strong, no longer was.

“My body fell apart,” he said.

Out of that difficult time came the inspiration for …

Touch Titans’ New App Encourages You to Get Moving

Posted by Heather Noel

Having trouble making it to the gym or setting an exercise routine? Touch Titans’ new app prompts you to workout — well, at least up your heart rate. 

The Dallas-based company released UpBeat Heart Alarm last week along with a …

Kids in the Kitchen Serves up Healthy Habits

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg


The kids lean backwards into a “crab” position, with their hands and feet on the floor. Then they attempt to kick the ball and score on the other team in a fitness game …