Out of Injury, Invention: New Joint-Friendly Gravocore Nears Market

A Dallas inventor used his experience from an injury to help him develop a joint-friendly exercise product.

At age 48, Gorgi Nikkaran had a problem after undergoing a hip-resurfacing operation. Nikkaran, who described himself as once fit and strong, no longer was.

“My body fell apart,” he said.

Out of that difficult time came the inspiration for a product that helped Nikkaran improve, something he eventually named Gravocore.

These days, Nikkaran is working hard in Dallas to introduce Gravocore to the marketplace. Its promotional material bills it as something that will change the way people look at exercise.

The idea behind Gravocore is that it’s portable, can be used just about anywhere (the apparatus weighs 7 pounds and can be hooked on the back of a door), is beneficial to just about anyone, and relies on body weight for resistance and the body’s brain for operation.

“When you use Gravocore, you become the machine,” Nikkaran said.

“Because of Gravocore, I can duplicate that extensive and intensive exercise in a short amount of time, in a small footprint, anytime, anywhere.”
Gorgi Nikkaran

It’s designed in such a way that it doesn’t destroy the joints.

“You have to work pretty hard to hurt yourself with this,” he said.

A joint-friendly, lightweight product was necessary for Nikkaran, following his surgery.

“This product was actually invented for an injured person,” he said.

His first product mock-up consisted of pieces of luggage and some pullies from a local hardware store.

“Not everything I did was obvious to me, in the beginning,” Nikkaran said.

After tweaking what he’d invented, testing it, and coming up with solid results, Nikkaran applied for patents on the design, obtained capital from a friend who became a business partner, launched Gravocore LLC, and hired an industrial design team in Shanghai, China to “help us with the product’s design and the aesthetics,” he said.

The process took close to four years.

In creating Gravocore, Nikkaran, who described himself as an “artist with a scientific background,” said he’d started with several questions, such as:

Why does exercise work?

Why, as we age, do our bodies degenerate?

And why do people take steroids to bulk up?”

“I would never do that,” Nikkaran said about the steroid question, “but I was curious.”


The answer to the questions, he said, is that those actions can unbind certain types of testosterone in the body, which are said to build more muscle and burn more fat.

Though scientific research is ambivalent about testosterone-building supplements, it has been far more positive about the impacts of short-term, highly physical exercise on the testosterone levels.

“If I were to go outside and run 100 meters, 200 meters, 500 meters, I’d be doing what Gravocore does,” Nikkaran said.

But, he said he doesn’t have the luxury to run those 500 meters. Nor, he said, would he want to do so in the Dallas heat.

“Because of Gravocore,” he said, “I can duplicate that extensive and intensive exercise in a short amount of time, in a small footprint, anytime, anywhere.”

Gravocore, currently armed with an international patent and several patents pending, will launch sometime in fall 2017.


A Gravocore video already exists, and Nikkaran and his team are readying a website. Gravocore LLC signed with an as-yet unnamed retailer, who will have exclusive rights to market and promote the product online.

Nikkaran also is examining business-to-business opportunities, potentially selling Gravocore, in bulk, to hotels, gyms and rehabilitation centers.

During the pre-launch phase of his product, Nikkaran is happy to be back to his former fit self, is excited about sharing his invention with the world, and is delighted to be doing it all from Dallas.

Nikkaran was born in the Middle East, and had spent the bulk of his life in Europe and the United States.

In his travels, he had many options where to go and ended up in Dallas because, quite simply, he loves it.

“It’s the best city in the world,” Nikkaran said.

Gravocore Promotional Video from GRAVOCORE on Vimeo.

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