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UTD Team’s Wearable Sweat Sensor Can Detect Key Biomarkers of Infection

by | May 5, 2022
A team of UT Dallas bioengineers in collaboration with Allen-based EnLiSense designed the device, which uses an electrochemical biosensor to detect two key biomarkers of infection. The sensor could be a "significant step" toward early detection of infections like COVID-19 and the flu. "We have built a technology to unlock and explore the latest frontier in sweat diagnostics," said Dr. Shalini Prasad, who heads up the UTD team and is a co-founder of EnLiSense.
UTD Team Develops Rapid Virus Test That’s ‘150 Times More Accurate’—and They’ve Launched a Company to Commercialize It
by | Apr 21, 2022
A team of UT Dallas bioengineers has developed a rapid test for viruses that delivers results as accurate as PCR lab tests within 30 minutes. The test works by attaching gold nanoparticles to antibodies against the virus being tested, then scanning them with two lasers.

Three months after winning the grand prize at the MassChallenge North Texas pitch competition, the team's leader, Dr. Zhenpeng Qin, is working to commercialize the technology through a new company, Avsana Labs.
Discovery: UNT Raises $2.3M for Research Portal; UTD Adds Faculty to Build on Emerging Areas
by | Nov 15, 2019
In this weekly roundup of research and development activity in North Texas, you’ll also find news on UTSW and the American Heart Association examining cardiac concerns, as well as Cook Children’s in Fort Worth receiving a grant to bolster research.
Discovery: New Tool Helps Assess Heart Attack Risk, Young TCU Geniuses Busting Myths
by | Aug 3, 2018
Also, UT Dallas honors two professors for their research mentoring prowess. Here are some of the research projects underway in North Texas aimed at making our lives better.

UTD Researchers’ Grant Aimed At Improving Tech for Hearing Impaired

by | Sep 23, 2016
Researchers hope their work will bring cheaper solutions to cut down extraneous noise for those wearing hearing aids.
TxACE at UT Dallas is Creating a Pathway for New Breath Analysis Technology
by | Jan 5, 2016
Researchers at the Texas Analog Center of Excellence (TxACE) are working to make blood tests a thing of the past, as they seek to replace painful pin pricks with easy and affordable breath analysis through a technology referred to as the programmable electronic nose.