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Santander Consumer USA Invests $7M to Bridge Digital Divide in Dallas

by | Jan 18, 2022
Santander Consumer will partner with tech and community nonprofit Comp-U-Dopt to provide free high-speed Internet connectivity to up to 10,000 Dallas student households, along with free laptop computers, training, and support to eligible low-income residents. It's the first step in a two-year program to include several other cities, funded by a total of $35 million in grants from Dallas-based Santander Consumer's foundation.
Closing Gaps in Achievement and in the Digital Divide are Keys to Building a Stronger Texas Workforce, Nonprofit Leader Says
by | Jan 10, 2021
COVID-19 highlighted disparities in education, with Educate Texas working to improve access to high speed Internet, assist teachers in providing effective instruction online and in class, and promoting pathways to degrees and certifications for good paying jobs.
Microsoft To Partner with State and Local Leaders To Accelerate Digital Learning Across Texas
by | Oct 22, 2020
Microsoft and the Texas Education Agency are collaborating on digital skills programs statewide that tackle issues such as STEM engagement and talent pipeline growth.
Dallas Public library census

High-Tech Census: Dallas Public Library Readies to Help Bridge Digital Divide

by | Oct 30, 2019
With an estimated 40 percent of Dallasites lacking fixed internet service at home, the library offers online access to the city’s residents.
Narrowing the Digital Divide: Nextlink’s FCC Auction Share Targets Rural Areas
by | Sep 12, 2018
The Fort Worth-area company plans to invest $100 million in the first four years of a required six-year buildout to expand broadband access in the heartland.
Solving the Digital Divide via Power Lines: AT&T Says Project AirGig Could Do It
by | Sep 10, 2018
Technology breakthroughs — born at AT&T Labs two years ago — use the power grid to deliver broadband internet. Now Project AirGig is closer to commercial deployment to bring superfast internet to suburban and rural areas
Conrad High Students Get Free Phones, Internet Connection
by | Jan 19, 2017
The donation was part of Sprint's 1Million Project, an initiative aiming to lessen the digital divide in the U.S. over the next five years.