Brenda Stoner

Last-Mile Delivery Startup Names New CEO After Being Founder-Led Since 2014

by | Feb 24, 2022
Plano-based PICKUP has named Brian Kava, who joined the company in September of last year, as its new CEO. He takes over from Brenda Stoner, who founded the company and has led it since 2014. One of his goals is to continue to grow PICKUP, which serves 80 U.S. markets with a more than 200-person team.
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PICKUP CEO Brenda Stoner
Q+A: PICKUP CEO Brenda Stoner Talks About Turning a Truck into a Revenue Hauler
by | May 16, 2018
In advance of her appearance at the Digital Dallas Startup Comedy Roast, PICKUP CEO Brenda Stoner looks back at what prompted her to start the delivery service and the lessons she's learned along the way.
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PICKUP Keeps on Truckin’ with AllianceTexas Deal
by | Jul 12, 2016
Retail stores, logistics centers, and offices in the AllianceTexas development now have instant delivery options from PICKUP.
PICKUP App Keeps Dallas Users on the Move
by | Mar 24, 2016
A true entrepreneur, Stoner’s problem invoked a solution: create an on-demand pickup and delivery service.