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First Look: BANKSYLAND Street Art Exhibit Coming to ‘Secret Location’ in Dallas

by | Jun 1, 2022
Banksy is the world's most elusive and celebrated street artist, an anonymous provocateur whose subversive graffiti often makes headlines wherever it pops up. Later this month, some of his greatest hits will pop up in Dallas for two weekends of officially "unauthorized" immersive showings.

“These have been very challenging years here in the U.S., and we feel that Bansky's work, while often cynical, is also incredibly hopeful,” the curator says.
Dallas Artists Create ‘Alive’ Art Installation in Fort Worth to Provide Viewers With a Safe Cultural Experience
by | Nov 2, 2020
Synthetic Aesthetic is an environmental piece meant to portray the idea that the human race has a parasitic relationship with nature. It's on display until Nov. 25 in Fort Worth’s SoMA district—see what you can expect with a socially distanced visit.
#IfThenSheCan: Ten Statues From All-Female Exhibit Are on Display at NorthPark Center Until Nov. 9
by | Sep 10, 2020
COVID-19 delayed the opening of a 3D-printed display from Lyda Hill Philanthropies IF/THEN Initiative of the most statues of women ever assembled. Starting Sept. 10, the exhibit is instead doing a pop-up near Macy’s Court.
A Dallas-Based Artist is Showcasing a Four-Day Art Exhibit In Bonton Neighborhood to Shed Light on Gentrification
by | Jun 18, 2020
"Blue Dot" is Jeremiah Onifadé's 96-hour-straight art show that aims to open Dallas denizens to new places and experiences. It will take place virtually and in-person—with social distancing measures—from June 19-23.
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Look Inside: Interactive Art Exhibit and Selfie Studio Coming Soon to Dallas

by | Jan 10, 2019
Set to open Jan. 17 across from Fair Park, Rainbow Vomit is a technicolor art adventure that will feature a fantasy world of art, light, and sound—and, over 20 photo opportunities.