Mobile Delivery App Brings Food Straight to Your Seat

iJustOrder's mobile engagement and e-commerce platform allows event attendees to place orders, make in-app payments, and get orders delivered directly to them.

While watching a Texas Rangers game, Chandler Young came up with the idea to make sure people didn’t miss a home run while waiting in line for nachos. So he launched iJustOrder in 2017, a mobile app through which stadium and event venue customers can order concession food and merchandise, while never having to leave their seats.

“I grew up in a technology family, but also a sports-based family,” Young told Dallas Innovates. “I was always around tech and always wanted to get into it, I just didn’t know what way, and being a former athlete, I was always going to games, even when I stopped playing, I just kept going.”

Chandler Young [Image: Courtesy iJustOrder]

Starting with a click and drag app with the help of a friend in Brooklyn, New York, Young was able to come up with his first prototype. He developed the idea further with the help of his friend and former boss and worked with engineers to come up with an app, which was originally tested at Prairie View A&M University.

“Our first contract was with Prairie View A&M University’s student development at the time. From Summer 2017 until May 2018, we were putting it all together to take it from the first version into the actual contract and product in 2018,” Young says. “We just tried everything, just keeping it going.” 

[Image: Courtesy iJustOrder]

Young began chatting with stadium goers, creating a small focus group, and routinely began getting positive and constructive feedback. There was no lack of challenges when creating iJustOrder, according to Young, starting with the app’s interface. Young was inspired by other apps’ convenient and sleek interfaces such as Doordash and adapted it to fit with the stadium experience. 

“We had to work on the back end of each session window and evaluated how each session was received. How does it look for me as a business person? How does the company make money while still spending money, and finding new revenue streams?” Young says. “It never stops, and we keep evolving it, keep pushing and changing it.” 

When Young saw his runners at work in their iJustOrder t-shirts, he realized his idea had finally become a reality.

“Once I saw that first order come through, it was not just an idea I believed in and was confident in, but something someone actually downloaded,” Young says. 

[Image: Courtesy iJustOrder]

Now, with iJustOrder’s newly restructured board of directors and executive management team, the startup is moving into more aspects of the stadium experience. Soon, Young expects that the app will include pre-event services such as ticket sales, travel planning, lodging, parking, and transportation.

“When somebody buys a ticket that first day, they want to do everything—book the hotel, rental car, and flight,” Young says. 

With the new board of directors, Young says he became a better businessman as they showed him new ways the company can grow. 

“They gave me the vision to be a champion. This thing is real, and we can scale this, we can take this idea to the rest of the world,” Young says.

The iJustOrder team plans to improve the app’s customer engagement, social media integration, focused advertising, and loyalty reward programs, plus a suite of enhancements, according to a statement. With new projects and partnerships on the horizon, Young and his board of directors are excited for the future of iJustOrder. 

“iJustOrder is having a significant impact on the Dallas startup scene,” Robert Brevelle, who sits on iJustOrder’s board of directors, said in a statement. “In less than a year, the startup has transformed from an obscure, local entity into a nationally recognized company. iJustOrder has attracted talented team members from across the country from cities such as Atlanta and St Louis.” 

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