Dallas-Based 7T Offers a Virtual Fit for Apparel Shoppers With Its Sizini App

The app couples machine learning and AR tech to turn your smartphone into a "virtual fitting room."

Want to try on a shirt without going to a store, or even having the shirt? You don’t need a genie. You need Sizini.

Dallas-based software development company 7T created their Sizini app by coupling complex machine learning algorithms and augmented reality technology. The app turns your smartphone into a “virtual fitting room,” capturing measurements and selecting correctly sized garments. Then it offers an AR environment where you can virtually “wear” the item yourself.

The app solves two problems that online clothing retailers often face: size misfits and the inability of buyers to visualize how they’ll look in an outfit. 

The Sizini app recently received an honorable mention in the North American category of Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards

“We’ll be making this app available to garment retailers, designers, etc., providing them with a licensed and branded version of the app,” 7T CEO and Founder Kishore Khandavalli told Dallas Innovates, For instance, “If Gap wants to license the Sizini app, we’ll outfit it with their color scheme and branding.”

It all began with cheerleaders

Khandavalli says the original concept behind Sizini was a sizing app 7T made for Dallas-based Rebel Athletic, which specializes in cheerleading uniforms and dance team outfits. 

“Before we created the mobile app for Rebel, they were using “fit kits”—a kit of uniforms in each size, which the girls had to try on to determine their ideal garment size. As you can imagine, it was costly shipping these fit kits back and forth and the process of finding the ideal size was arduous.”

So 7T created the Fit Freedom app, which was essentially the first generation of Sizini. 

“Fit Freedom was created for two-person operation: a coach using the app while the athlete is measured,” Khandavalli said. “It also lacked a key measurement: torso girth, which has traditionally been extremely difficult to capture accurately using an app.” (A tailor gets this measurement by running a measuring tape from the front of the left shoulder, down through the crotch area and up to the back side of the right shoulder, Khandavalli explained, “sort of like the person is straddling a ‘V.”). 

To make the technology more user-friendly, 7T decided to create a second-generation version of the app—Sizini.

Sizini is used with one-person operation using a mirror and the key torso girth measurement, Khandavalli said. It also utilizes AR technology to project key marker dots over the image of the user, i.e., at the widest part of the shoulders.

Currently, Rebel Athletic is using the original technology that 7T developed—the Fit Freedom App, licensed to them with Rebel branding. Khandavalli expects Rebel will be among Sizini’s early adopters. 

Special features and functionality

Khandavalli said 7T can add any special features or functionalities to Sizini that clients may require.

“We’re a software development company, after all,” he said. “So if someone came along and wanted to adapt the app for pet garments, we would almost certainly be happy to take on the challenge!”

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