Innovative Football Helmet Aimed at Reducing Concussions

The new helmet has a softer outer shell, and is designed to deform on contact, similar to what a car bumpers does.


Legendary Cowboys Quarterback and DFW real estate executive Roger Staubach knows about concussions first hand from his playing days in high school, college and with the Cowboys.

Concussions have become a major issue for football players, as the NFL has had to pay a settlement with former players, many of whom suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Staubach suffered one concussion in high school, one in college and at least six during his 11 years with the Cowboys, according to a story in The Dallas Morning News.

Staubach keeps a display of the helmets he wore during his career at his home. Despite CTE causing memory issues for many former players, Staubach’s mind is clear and he recalls his playing days in detail.

According to Concussion Watch, the NFL reported 271 concussions from practices, preseason,and regular season games last season, but not all concussion injuries showed up on team injury reports.

Now, Staubach, 74, is an investor in VICIS, a startup that began in 2013, that will debut an innovative new helmet called the ZERO1 later this year. The Morning News reported that football Hall of Famers Jerry Brown, Jerry Rice and Tony Dorsett are on the company’s advisory council.

What make the VICIS helmet different? For one, its outer shell “deforms” like a car bumper, VICIS co-founder and CEO Dave Marver told the Morning News. He said inside are multiple layers engineered to more effectively reducing the force of impacts.

You can find out more about the VICIS helmet here.

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