Hypergiant Partners With Dynetics to Deliver Space Data to Companies—Faster and Smarter

Together, Hypergiant and Dynetics plan to deliver more modern, agile, and efficient space data solutions for customers using Amazon Web Services.

Hypergiant, the Texas-based artificial intelligence firm, has formed a new partnership with Dynetics, an Alabama-headquartered provider of high-tech solutions. Together, the two technology companies plan to develop better solutions for space missions.

The services resulting from the partnership aim to support current customers in the space ecosystem, while opening up new opportunities in a burgeoning industry.

The intent is for government and commercial customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to have more modern, agile, and efficient solutions. Since Hypergiant and Dynetics are both Amazon Partner Network (APN) members, the two teams are leveraging the AWS cloud for mission and payload on-demand services. 

The two companies said their areas of focus are artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, Internet of Things, and AWS Ground Station.

Hyperigant’s Dallas-based founder and CEO, Ben Lamm, said he and his team entered into the partnership for the purpose of smarter space data solutions than those currently available. More companies will then be able to access space data to solve massive global challenges. Plus, Hypergiant’s offices (Dallas, Austin, and Houston) will be able to open up more jobs in the space sector.

“Now that space-mission hardware costs are being reduced, our ability to get more data, more often, is rapidly increasing,” Lamm said. “People need a way to get that data more efficiently and to interpret it more effectively.”

The two companies said they will bring more organizations that operate in space significant cost savings. That way, an organization can avoid using its own capital investments in mission and payload operations services, leaving more time to focus on core business purposes.

The first iteration of the Hypergiant and Dynetics partnership will develop an integrated set of services supporting Hypergiant’s planned missions. It will use Hypergiant’s “Slingshot deployment system” and NASA’s International Space Station infrastructure.

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This isn’t Hypergiant’s first foray into the space scene—it launched Hypergiant Galactic Systems back in February to focus on AI-driven aerospace and astronautic software and hardware for the space industry. To launch the new division, Hypergiant acquired Satellite & Extraterrestrial Operations & Procedures (SEOPS), a Houston-based satellite deployment and services provider.

The next month, in March, Hypergiant Galactic Systems announced a partnership with the Arch Mission Foundation, a nonprofit that curates and maintains a “backup of planet Earth.” Together, those two companies intend to launch a series of satellites that would serve as the first relay points in the Interplanetary Internet (IPN).

Dynetics also has a history in aerospace and defense with more than a decade of human spaceflight, satellite development, and deployment experience. It also says it has 45 years of experience in systems engineering, analytics, and hardware and software development.

Jonathan Pettus, Dynetics’ VP of Strategic Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Information Technology, said the company has a rich experience with U.S. DoD, NASA, and various commercial aerospace companies that will provide a unique value proposition when paired with Hypergiant. 

“What space affords us is the ability to look back at Earth—an entirely new point of view that holds invaluable insights,” Lamm previously told Dallas Innovates. “As an AI industrial complex, we bring the ability to not only develop the hardware through our R&D capabilities but apply the machine learning and AI software that has already been proven across industries. We’re creating the entire value chain of space, and from it, creating immeasurable value for our customers in the public and private sectors.”

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