Fort Worth Firm Makes Custom Glassboards Industry Standard

In 2009, Clarus Glassboards was founded in a Fort Worth garage. The company is now the largest glass casual display manufacturing facility in the U.S.


A Fort Worth company is leading the charge to encourage glassboard use in businesses, agencies, and educational institutions.

Writing on glass isn’t new. Employees in all types of businesses don’t hesitate to jot down information, equations, and thoughts on internal and external office windows, especially when a whiteboard isn’t handy.

Clarus Glassboards took the “writing on glass” concept, and packaged it into customizable sizes and colors for all types of clients. It produces and manufactures the boards in Fort Worth.

And, the Clarus client list reads like a who’s who of domestic and international industries: ABC Studios, AT&T Inc., Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Coca-Cola Co., Macy’s, NASA, Texas Instruments, Tesla, and Twitter. Claus Glassboards also are popping up in institutions of higher learning including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University.

“The thing is, it’s not hard to make believers … we let the product speak for itself.”

Andrew Philipp

Googling the topic of whiteboards versus glass boards brings up sites and conversation threads that prefer on to the other. For one thing, whiteboards can become more difficult to clean over time. But the same is not true with glass boards; they are much easier to keep pristine. However, glassboards are more expensive up front.

“The thing is, it’s not hard to make believers … we let the product speak for itself,” Clarus CEO Andrew Philipp told the Fort Worth Business Press

Expense aside, the demand for glass boards has boosted Clarus’ growth.

Launched in 2009 from a Fort Worth garage, Clarus grew from a company of four to a workforce numbering 120, which works out of a 150,000-square-foot facility at 7537 Jack Newell Blvd. in northeast Fort Worth, according to the Business Press.

These days, the business publication said, Clarus Glassboards is the largest glass casual display manufacturing facility in the nation.

Three Clarus Glassboard executives were honored in 2015 by EY in its prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year honor.

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