Earthx2024 Congress of Conferences To Feature 80-Plus Speakers and Sessions on Global Sustainability

From April 22 to April 26, Dallas-based EarthX will be hosting Earthx2024, an "unprecedented" Congress of Conferences, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. The overarching goal: to catalyze "unprecedented collaboration" through debates, roundtables, summits, and open dialogue among leaders across the ideological spectrum

On April 8, people across North Texas will look skyward to watch the moon cover the sun in an historic total solar eclipse. Exactly two weeks later on Earth Day, Dallas-based EarthX will reverse that by asking the world to turn its gaze to our planet—with an eye to advancing its sustainability for generations to come.

From April 22 to April 26, EarthX will be hosting Earthx2024, an “unprecedented” Congress of Conferences, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas.

The ninth annual event will bring together thousands of people and organizations from around the world to collaborate on actionable solutions for energy, oceans, climate, business, policy, and more.

The five-day conference will feature more than 80 speakers and sessions exploring a wide range of sustainability topics. This year, each day will highlight a unique theme, including “The Future of Energy,” “Circular Economy,” “Money, Power, and Politics,” “Oceans and Philanthropy,” and “Wildlife and Ocean Conservation.”

‘A global dialogue on sustainability’

EarthX CEO Rajan Singh and EarthxTV President and GM Dan Russell speak at the EarthX Half Earth Day event in October 2023. [Photo: Rick Baraff]

“We aren’t just hosting a conference,” EarthX CEO Rajan Singh said in a statement. “We’re fostering a global dialogue on sustainability.”

“Our mission is to unite thought leaders, visionaries, and change-makers to inspire actionable solutions for a more sustainable future,” he added. “Together, we can create a profound impact that resonates across borders, making our planet a better place for generations to come.

EarthX says the conference will feature a lineup of influential speakers including CNN host Van Jones, entrepreneur and conservative philanthropist Jay Faison, NewsMax CEO Christopher Ruddy, Zimbabwean conservationist Ivan Carter, American Conservation Coalition Founder Benji Backer, Colossal Biosciences Chief Animal Officer Matt James, author Robert Kaplan, and many more.

Representing “diverse perspectives and initiatives globally,” the speakers list is just part of what the organization is bringing to its conference in April.

The overarching goal will be to catalyze “unprecedented collaboration” through debates, roundtables, summits, and open dialogue among leaders across the ideological spectrum, the organization said.

To learn more about the 2024 EarthX Congress of Conferences or to get involved, you can go here.

No EarthX Expo this year due to Fair Park renovations

Normally, the EarthX Congress of Conferences coincides with EarthX Expo, “the world’s largest green gathering,” featuring live music, art and food to offer a fun and engaging atmosphere for thought and experiential learning. But this year, EarthX Expo will not be held because of ongoing renovations at Dallas’ Fair Park.

The next EarthX Expo event will be held in April 2025. 

Founded in 2010 by Trammel S. Crow as Earth Day Dallas for the local community, the nonprofit organization EarthX has evolved to offer and support global sustainability initiatives. 

Organization’s EarthxTV reaches 60M homes in 70-plus countries

As a clip from EarthxTV’s “Wild Wonders with Brooke” plays in the background, EarthX Founder Trammel S. Crow (with bag strap on shoulder) greets attendees at the Half Earth Day event. [Photo: Rick Baraff]

The organization also spearheads EarthxTV, a global TV network dedicated to promoting the environment and sustainability. Broadcasting 24/7 from Oak Lawn in Dallas, the network is channeling change by reaching over 60 million homes in more than 70 countries—and has new a”100% environmental news” program

The network celebrates the people, places, creatures, and cultures that make our planet worth protecting.

“You can watch us on Direct TV channel 267,” the network’s president and GM, Dan Russell, noted last October at an EarthX Half-Earth Day event. “You can watch us on Spectrum on channel 139. You can watch us on AT&T U-Verse on channel 1267. And if you don’t have cable or satellite, you can download the Fubo app and just hit on the Earth X TV app.”

Locally, the organization also offers an annual EarthX Film & Music Festival—the only environmental film festival in Texas.

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