Matt James

Colossal Partners with Mauritian Wildlife Foundation To ‘Rewild’ the Dodo, as Another Bird Gets a ‘Genetic Rescue’

by | Nov 27, 2023
“The dodo is the symbol of man-caused extinction,” Dallas-based Colossal Co-Founder and CEO Ben Lamm said last January. “It’s only fitting that Colossal works to reverse that.” The newly announced partnership with the MWF could help advance Colossal's efforts by restoring the dodo's natural habitat.
Here Be Dragons: Colossal Partners with Zoos Victoria To Save Reptile Once Thought Extinct
by | Oct 25, 2023
OK, it may not be as big—or as fire-breathing—as the dragons that swooped over Westeros on "Game of Thrones." But Australia's Victorian Grassland Earless Dragon is every bit as magical for simply hanging in there, decades after many thought it was extinct. Now Texas-based Colossal Biosciences is partnering to help preserve it—and sequence its genome.
Edge of Extinction: Pioneering Texas Biotech Colossal and BioRescue Race to Save the Northern White Rhino Species
With only two known living female northern white rhinos left, Colossal Biosciences and BioRescue have joined forces to fend off a looming extinction of the species. At the cutting edge of science, they're harnessing genetic technologies to rewrite the rhino's fate.