Rajan Singh

Earthx2024 Congress of Conferences To Feature 80-Plus Speakers and Sessions on Global Sustainability

by | Feb 6, 2024
From April 22 to April 26, Dallas-based EarthX will be hosting Earthx2024, an "unprecedented" Congress of Conferences, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. The overarching goal: to catalyze "unprecedented collaboration" through debates, roundtables, summits, and open dialogue among leaders across the ideological spectrum
From Dallas to the World: EarthX’s Half‑Earth Day Spotlights EarthxTV’s Global Momentum
Last Thursday evening, Trammell S. Crow hosted a "Half Earth Day" event at his home to "celebrate Mother Nature, Texas Style." But there was another reason to revel: EarthxTV, broadcasting 24/7 from Oak Lawn in Dallas, is channeling change. The global network reaches over 60 million homes in more than 70 countries—and has new a"100% environmental news" program.
EarthxTV Inks Deals to Reach Millions of Homes in the U.S., U.K., and Europe
by | Oct 12, 2022
After launching in August for Sky and Freeview viewers in the U.K., EarthxTV's eco-focused entertainment is now available to millions of Spectrum subscribers across the U.S. The network is slated to reach viewers in Europe by the end of this year. "EarthxTV programming not only highlights the issues facing us but also accentuates the beauty of this planet we all share," says Rajan Singh, the network's head of distribution.