Dallas Startup Week 2018: Day 4 Roundup

Thursday led off with a session delving into blockchain's use in health care and events giving tips in SEO, influencer marketing, and legal issues. RevTech also hosted its signature Tech Trends in Retail event.

David Matthews and Gina Puente

It’s Day 4 already?

Before we dive into today’s happenings, let’s take a look back at Wednesday including the big night at the Majestic Theatre.

Shama Hyder, founder and CEO of Zen Media, emphasized marketing in the digital age in her Wednesday afternoon session and how to get information across to the connected consumer that is already inundated with information. 

“Marketing is the oldest legal profession in the world,” Hyder said, after showing an excavated picture of Pompeii, where fisherman wrote that their fish was fresher than their competitors.

“Your customers aren’t comparing you to your competitors. They’re comparing you to the overall experience they have with everything else.”
Shama Hyder

“I really want you to start thinking about social media’s true definition which is this: people are now the media.”

She followed this statement with examples such as Yelp or Rotten Tomatoes, which are reliant on user’s reviews and thoughts that thus influence other consumers in their decisions. 

On being more innovative than one’s competitors, Hyder said that doesn’t matter in the age of shopping ease with companies such as Amazon.

“Your customers aren’t comparing you to your competitors. They’re comparing you to the overall experience they have with everything else,” she said.  


Mayor Mike Rawlings [Photo by Heather Noel]

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings presented the community with a challenge during the State of Entrepreneurship Wednesday night. He encouraged the Majestic Theatre audience to continue supporting each other and attracting talent to the area. 

“We have the DNA for startups.”
Mayor Mike Rawlings

“Someone once said to the preacher ‘why you preaching to the choir?’ And he said ‘because I need them to sing.’ So, I need you guys to sing about the startup community here and what is happening,” Rawlings said. 

That is, let others know about all the successes local entrepreneurs have experienced. Rawlings called out notables such as SoftLayer’s multibillion-dollar exit, rewardStyle’s impact in the retail realm, and OrderMyGear’s recent $35 million raise

“We have the DNA for startups. You are starting to see it pay off,” Rawlings said. 

The night also included an announcement of the Dallas finalists for the upcoming Rise of the Rest pitch contest and the awarding of the second Startup Evangelist of the Year, which went to fashion entrepreneur Leah Frazier. You can read more about her startup journey here

Thursday led off with a session delving into blockchain’s use in health care and events giving tips in SEO, influencer marketing, and legal issues. 

RevTech took over the lunch hour and more with its signature Tech Trends in Retail event at Neiman Marcus. 

“Physical retail isn’t dying; boring retail is dying.” 
Jonathan Fine

Before breaking out into pitch presentations Jonathan Fine, RevTech director of business development, had a message for the crowd: “Physical retail isn’t dying; boring retail is dying.”

Pitches included: Katerina Axelsson of Bottlefly; Justin Stewart of Cherry Pick AI; Reza Raji of Xenio Systems; and Matt Alexander of Neighborhood Goods.

After all of the pitches, the audience texted in votes for their favorite pitch. Axelsson won for her business which implements technology in stores to generate recommendations for wine and other products.

“Technology is changing the way we buy everything. Across all industries, retailers are using technology to personalize the retail experience,” she said. 

Still to come today are sessions on fashion and beauty tech, esports lifestyle, and education entrepreneurship. Plus, don’t miss Art House Exchange beginning at 5:30 p.m. 

Then, you can rest up for the final day of offerings. 

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