Dallas’ Glass‑Media Launches ‘KrowdSense’ To Measure Storefront Customer Flow

Developed in partnership with Toronto-based Kaidu, KrowdSense is a camera-free, wireless occupancy scanner that measures storefront customer flow, "peel rate," and "dwell times." By analyzing consumer behavior, the solution aims to help retailers refine their strategy to attract customers and drive "footfall."

If a store window doesn’t stop you in your tracks, it’s doing something wrong. Now a Dallas company is stepping up to help by co-launching a new retail analytics platform that measures storefront customer flow and behavior—whether people pass right by or “dwell” in the doorway to peek inside.

Dallas-based Glass-Media, in partnership with Toronto’s Kaidu, has developed and launched KrowdSense—a wireless occupancy scanner that measures storefront customer flow, “peel rate,” and “dwell times.” The camera-free, privacy-friendly module helps retailers analyze traffic in front of their stores, so they can find ways to boost overall engagement and “maximize their windows.”

The KrowdSense device [Photo: KrowdSense]

The battery-powered device is “a cost-effective and privacy-compliant alternative to traditional camera systems,” Glass-Media says. By harnessing the data it collects, retailers and vendor partners can “more effectively validate investments in seasonal campaigns, showcases, and localized events,” Another benefit: helping to drive decisions like when and where to incorporate digital signage.

Why ‘dwell time’ is a good thing for retailers

Glass-Media Founder and CEO Daniel Black explained that “dwell time” is what retailers are aiming for, telling Dallas Innovates it means passersby have stopped passing and started pausing—looking at what’s being marketed and considering going inside to shop. 

“Storefront flow rate is key,” Black added, “as it indicates the volume of potential customers passing by a store, helping retailers evaluate their marketing effectiveness, plan for foot traffic fluctuations, and make informed decisions about storefront presentation. A strong flow rate can boost customer interest and conversion opportunities.”

Daniel Black, founder and CEO of Glass-Media [Photo: Glass-Media]

So how can retailers maximize their storefronts’ appeal?

“Retailers can create engaging window displays, display popular products, use interactive technology, and leverage digital displays,” Black said. “The best strategy to increasing dwell time is to create something that people want to stop and look at.”

Going digital can be an effective way to do that, he noted:

“Incorporating digital signage into window displays is one of the most effective ways to increase dwell time.”

Giving a new tool to ‘visual merchandisers’—and converting ‘onlookers into customers’

Visual merchandisers may be great at designing in-window displays and storefront “planogramming.” But they often lack the data to maximize their impact.

“It’s no secret that unique, eye-catching, visually appealing window displays stop people in their tracks,” Black said. “All too often, retailers neglect the importance of their storefront identity or deprive talented visual merchandisers of the resources necessary to transform their storefront into something memorable.”

Once a storefront is enhanced, measuring things like “peel rate” can provide valuable data. That’s just one of the reasons why Black says KrowdSense “represents a significant breakthrough for the retail sector.”

“Peel rate is a crucial retail metric that gauges a storefront’s ability to draw potential customers inside, reflecting its marketing efficacy,” Black said. “Enhancing this rate requires understanding customer preferences and employing resonating marketing strategies to convert onlookers into customers, optimizing overall store performance.”

Plug-and-play design

The solution’s plug-and-play capability enables it to be “easily deployed anywhere within minutes,” with user-friendly design eliminating the need to hire installers or electricians, Glass-Media said. KrowdSense is available for purchase in the U.S.Canada, and Europe, “with strict adherence to each region’s privacy laws and regulations.”

The KrowdSense module can be installed in various ways, offering flexibility for retailers, Black added. “It can be integrated within a store fixture or mounted directly onto surfaces such as walls and ceilings, ensuring seamless integration into the store’s design.”

Other Glass-Media solutions

Besides its new KrowdSense module, Glass-Media offers a wide range of portable, battery-powered display solutions that include kiosks, A-frames, shadow boxes, and top-of-counter displays. The company also offers more traditional display solutions such as digital storefronts, video walls, and digital product display cases.

Founded in 2014, Glass-Media opened its “state-of-the-art” 150,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Farmers Branch in December 2022. To date, the company has raised around $5.5 million in investment capital. Its core team is approaching 25 team members, Black said, with plans to expand this number in the second half of 2024.

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