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Digital Fight Club Pulls No Punches in Sparring Over Tech

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

The rapid rise of new technology makes life easier, putting everything from pizza to Uber just a simple swipe or voice command away. But, there’s a dark side to this tech utopia with concerns about disruption, security, obsolescence, and privacy

Digital Dallas Comedy Roast: 5 Startups Walk into a Pitch … Here’s What Happened

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Startups do a lot of pitching. Whether it’s a Shark Tank-style competition or just a quick elevator spiel. Often there’s money, fame, and glory at stake, so it’s serious business even if it’s been done to death.

Digital Dallas, …

Q+A: Seeing is Glass-Media’s Defibrillator to Resuscitate Brick and Mortar Retailers

Posted by Aaron Cook

Glass-Media. The Dallas-based startup has re-imagined the way customers see, engage, and even interact with a brand when shopping the old fashioned way — in person.

I picked the brain of Glass-Media’s founder, Daniel Black, to understand why he’d …

Innovative Spaces: Take a Look Inside The Centrum’s $25M Startup-Friendly Redo

Posted by Heather Noel

Dallas’ The Centrum just isn’t what it used to be and to Chad Cook that’s a distinct win.

Dallas Innovates Innovative Spaces SeriesHis Dallas-based Quadrant Investment Properties bought the iconic 1980s office building at the northeast corner of Oak Lawn Avenue and Cedar Springs …

3 Things: This Railroad’s Been Workin’ on Drone Rules

Posted by Jana J. Pruet

BNSF Railway is helping the Federal Aviation Administration navigate new commercial drone rules, DISD is partnering with area businesses to introduce students to possible careers, and companies are finding ways to add tech to liven up retail storefronts.  

Fort Worth-based

Startup Makes Storefront Display Changes in Real Time

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris


The days of static storefront displays with neon signs, stickers or posters could go the way of dial-up Internet if Daniel Black has anything to say about it.

The 27-year-old …