Dallas’ Enterprise Data Solutions Provider K2View Raises $28M for Rapid Expansion

K2View can help a company gain a 360-degree, real-time view of its data while streamlining costs. Given the changing economy and regulatory environment, that's more important than ever.

Dallas-based K2View is looking to its next stage of growth in the emerging DataOps market—and it has a new $28 million funding round to back that.

K2View takes a 360-degree view of data to the next level. The company, which was recently chosen as AT&T’s new platform for test data management, provides advanced data fabric, data integration, and data delivery software to organizations in any industry.

As CEO and Co-founder Achi Rotem describes it, K2View’s vision is to help companies “unlock their potential” with a faster, better, and more cost-effective way to access and control data.

The team plans to do so with real-time DataOps solutions, which its latest funding round is meant to back. The $28M will be used to support K2View’s go-to-market strategy in markets the company considers “ripe for transformation with DataOps,” like telecom, financial services, healthcare, insurance, and logistics.

Achi Rotem is the co-founder and CEO of K2View. [Photo: Courtesy K2View]

According to Rotem, scoring funding of this size in the midst of a global pandemic only further proves this area’s potential.

“The fastest method to achieve true agility and exceptional customer experience is moving away from 30-plus years of application-driven enterprise into the data-driven enterprise,” Rotem said in a statement. “This is a critical component for digital transformation and a massive opportunity for us.”

The round was led by Forestay Capital with support from Genesis Partners, which Rotem calls natural partners to accelerate K2View’s growth.

Together, the partners intend to scale the business across the globe, all the while helping organizations tackle their most complex data challenges.

It’s a timely feat, especially given the changing economy and regulatory environment, Frederic Wohlwend, managing partner at Forestay Capital, said. As companies undergo digital transformation, K2View’s technology could transform the use of data and accelerate business innovation.

Data is an enterprise’s biggest asset. It’s often siloed in hundreds of applications and stored in various locations, technologies, and structures. According to K2View, this hinders enterprises from moving quickly and providing a quality customer experience at the same time. 

With its patented solution, K2View delivers “the data that enterprises need, exactly how and when they need it.” All in real time, too.

We first told you about K2View’s one-of-a-kind data management system, K2View Fabric, last year. Rotem, along with fellow Co-founder Rafi Cohen, saw an underlying problem in the way data was consolidated when large companies bought other businesses.

When a company that utilizes K2View Fabric wants to access a specific data point—like how to provide better customer care through social media—it can easily access a “thread” of its social media data through Fabric without having to use multiple data systems to pull all of the information together.

This allows K2View Fabric to provide real-time data with 360-degree access to any information stored in it.

The team now solves a problem that traditionally holds back the innovation of enterprise IT. By placing efficient, elegant data management solutions into the hands of its users, K2View said it’s able to deliver in weeks what typically takes months or years.

In turn, costs are reduced substantially and an enterprise can get holistic access to what matters the most to its business.

“The DataOps market has unlimited opportunity and growth potential,” said Gary Gannot, managing partner at Genesis Partners, “and K2View is poised to strengthen its position of leadership as it supports the next wave of market expansion.”

K2View was founded in Israel in 2009, but moved its headquarters to the U.S., first in Georgia then Dallas in 2016. 

The funding comes on the heels of K2View announcing a strong first half of 2020 with 75 percent CAGR in revenue. From here, it plans to accelerate that growth and continue assisting some of the world’s largest companies in tackling complex data challenges.

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