Dallas-based Reveles Launches Platform to Eliminate Research Barriers and Expand Clinical Trial Access

Reveles' new decentralized clinical trial management platform broadens access to clinical trials by enabling patients to participate—without leaving their homes.

Dallas-based Reveles Clinical Services, a decentralized clinical trial management company, has launched a new platform that digitizes the clinical trial process—working to expand access and eliminate research barriers.

50% of FDA trials are conducted in 1% to 2% of America’s zip codes, Reveles says, and 70% of all patients live more than two hours away from research sites. With communities of color representing less than 5% of clinical trial participants, despite making up 42% of the total U.S. population, the company says it’s difficult to obtain research samples “representative of all racial and ethnic minorities.”

Reveles says it is “the only fully integrated, decentralized clinical management company to leverage a robust, blockchain-based software platform and a curated and trained network of local healthcare providers.”

Decentralized clinical trial platform

Reveles’ new DCT management platform enables patients to participate in trials without leaving their home by enabling eConsent from existing and potential patients; online video and audio between patients and healthcare providers; direct data collection including real-time data, compliance, and status view featuring eSource, eDiaries, devices, wearables, questionnaires, and surveys; and telemedicine tools.

“Clinical trials are time-consuming and expensive, yet most fail due to longstanding issues with recruitment and retention caused by inconvenient site locations, schedule conflicts, logistical concerns, financial constraints and missed visits,” said R’Kes Starling, Reveles founder and CEO, in a statement.

“This results in patient dropout and elevated non-compliance rates. Incorporating a more patient-centered approach that minimizes patient burden can improve those rates,” he added, noting that Reveles’ end-to-end DCT services “can increase regulatory oversight and avoid the administrative and logistical burden traditionally presented by decentralized trials.”

Includes ‘non-tech solutions’

Reveles integrates its DCT tech with non-tech solutions. By owning and managing the clinical supply chain—with a central pharmacy, local health care providers, investigational drug pharmacists, and project management staff—the startup says it can tailor clinical trial solutions to suit stakeholders’ needs.. Researches get “unprecedented geographic freedom” designed to aid in high-quality data collection.

A recent industry survey estimated that 50% of clinical trials will be hybrid or decentralized by 2024. Reveles aims to be a player in that trend—making participation more accessible, convenient, and sustainable for patients and physicians nationwide. 

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