Influencer Innovator LTK Launches Self-Serve Marketing Platform

The self-service expansion gives brands of all sizes and budgets hands-on access to LTK’s proprietary retail performance data for influencer campaigns.

Dallas-based LTK—formerly known as rewardStyle &—expects to open the platform to its full 5,000 brands this year.

Dallas-based LTK—formerly known as rewardstyle &—has innovated creator commerce for a decade. Operating on five continents to connect brands, influencers, and consumers, the company drives more than $2.9 billion in annual retail sales.

The growth has been exponential, partly owing to LTK’s premium network of 150,000 influencers—along with a data set of influencer historical retail performance data by channel. 

The company works with enterprise brands that have spent more than $1 billion on creators through its global digital marketing platform. In turn, its LTK Creators have grown $10 billion in retail sales for LTK retail partners, according to the company.

Now the Dallas-based company recognizes an increased need for nuanced and localized marketing. LTK has launched a self-service platform that lets brands build, manage, and scale their influencer marketing plans first-hand.

Full-service to self-service marketing

With the expanded LTK platform, marketers can—on their own—discover creators based on the performance and demographics of the creator and their audience.

It’s another level up for founders Amber and Baxter Box, who set out to empower the world’s premium lifestyle creators to be as economically successful as possible with the company’s launch in 2011.

Amber & Baxter Box

Find and cast influencers

“This is the first time we’re opening access to our enterprise-level technology and offering retail partners the ability to price, cast, and execute full-funnel creator campaigns,” said Kristi O’Brien, General Manager of the LTK Brand Platform in a statement. “We’re hyper-aware of the importance of ROI and ROAS for today’s marketers and are obsessed with designing efficient product solutions that help them drive outcomes for their businesses.”

E-commerce director Katherine Redd, who piloted the tool at Hampden Clothing, called it a game-changer for how her team casts influencers for marketing campaigns.

“We’re very deliberate about how we cast campaigns, customizing not only according to demographics and psychographics that match our consumer target but also strategically based on who we can trust will convert,” she said in a statement.


Brands can build and manage their influencer marketing plans first-hand on LTK’s self-service platform. [Image: LTK/Business Wire]

Redd says the LTK platform offered “complete control over the campaign—from full-funnel insights, messaging with the influencer and payouts.”

The e-commerce director says having a user-friendly platform that lets them quickly find and cast influencers is crucial for a small team. “It’s an incredible way to test and scale what’s working hardest for us,” she said.

First access to LTK self-service platform

The new self-service platform is available now for select partners. LTK expects to open the new platform to its full 5,000 brands this year.

LTK, a two-time honoree on Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies, is casting an eye to power influencer marketing for a growing number of D2C brands that have found success on the LTK platform over the last 12 months, the company said.

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