Dallas-Based Rest, Newly Rebranded from NoiseAware, Lands Its Smoking Detection Solution on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Based in Dallas' Deep Ellum neighborhood, NoiseAware went beyond its mission to detect noise-blasting guests by offering smoking detection technology. Now rebranded as Rest, it aims to help hotels and short-term rentals nip cigarette and marijuana smokers and vapers in the bud.

Dallas-based NoiseAware was founded in 2015 to help protect Airbnb hosts and suite rental companies from noise-blasting guests and uninvited raging parties. Its solutions have expanded to include smoking detection technology—leading the company to recently rebrand itself as Rest.

“From the very beginning, our vision was to create a platform that not only expanded what we protect but also how we protect it,” the company said on its website a few months ago, noting that it has gone beyond noise detection: “We now detect smoking. As we change, so will our name.”

Now operating as Rest from its headquarters in Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood, the company noted that it had already partnered with hotels to detect and resolve smoking issues and had “successfully monitored over 2 million room nights.” Rest is bringing what it has learned in hotels to short-term rentals, as well.

Enables hotels to detect and track smoking violations—and collect on fines

Rest’s smoking detection solution enables hotels to detect, track, and “collect” for smoking violations by guests who have checked into non-smoking rooms. The company’s detection technology features an in-room sensor and an integrated software platform that detects smoking violations in any room. Rest says it provides hotels with “data-backed evidence,” enabling them to efficiently enforce their no-smoking policy.

“This ensures that smoking does not go undetected and that fines are not left uncollected,” the company says.

This week, the company said Rest is now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and can be deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and integrated with the Oracle OPERA Cloud via the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a centralized repository of enterprise applications offered by Oracle and Oracle partners. Rest says that with OPERA Cloud, it can enable “efficient automated processing of smoking violations.”

“Rest’s participation in Oracle Cloud Marketplace further extends our commitment to the Oracle community and enables customers to easily reap the benefits of the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform,” Rest’s chief revenue officer, Michael Linton, said in a statement. “We look forward to leveraging the power of OCI to help us achieve our business goals.”

‘Backed by years of R&D’ to detect tobacco or marijuana smoke—and vaping, too

Rest says its sensor is backed by years of research and development within the hospitality industry. Continuously monitoring air quality in hotel rooms, the sensor produces data streamed through a specialized algorithm designed to detect combusted or vaporized tobacco, marijuana, and nicotine products.

That data is the game changer for hotels and rental companies. Instead of staff having to rely on subjective methods like “smell” or guest complaints, Rest says they can now harness “real-time, scientifically grounded data” to take action against offending guests.

So the next time you stay in a hotel room with a loud, raging party in the next room and smoky stank seeping into the hall outside, at least one North Texas company could be on the case.

Maybe then you can get some rest.

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