Dallas-Based Basatne Partners on Robotic Device Processing in the Middle East

Basatne is partnering with Baltimore-based Apkudo to transform electronic device returns and recycling with innovative tech solutions, including robotics. The companies say they're committed to the "circular economy" and eliminating electronic waste through device repair, refurbishment, and recycling.

Reverse logistics industry leaders Dallas-headquartered Basatne and Baltimore-based Apkudo are teaming up to transform electronic device processing with innovative technology solutions—including robotics—to achieve what they call “circularity.”

Basatne will be an exclusive provider of automated device testing and grading in the Middle East, integrating Apkudo’s expertise in the field. Both companies have offices around the world.

“We’re pleased to work with Apkudo as our automated solutions partner,” Basatne founder and CEO Ammar Aboulnasr said in a statement. “This collaboration not only signifies a step towards offering the highest quality testing, grading, and value-added services to clients worldwide but also firmly aligns with Basatne’s mission towards sustainability and fostering a circular economy. Our concerted efforts have made our target to reach zero percent landfill a tangible reality.”

Apkudo and Basatne said they’re both committed to the circular economy and eliminating electronic waste through device repair, refurbishment, and recycling.

What’s a circular economy? It’s a model of production and consumption involving sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible.

Keeping devices out of the landfill

Basatne said it wants to increase efficiency and improve the grading accuracy of the devices it processes and said it will have the capability to process up to 300 devices per hour per robotics line.

The company said that implementation of automated testing and grading is not only faster and more efficient, it produces consistently higher quality results increasing the value it provides to carriers, wholesalers, and trade-in providers.

Along with the implementation of automated testing and grading, Basatne said it will offer a suite of services to increase the yield of devices from every job.

The company said that ensuring electronic devices have multiple lives and keeping as many as possible out of landfills is a key driver of Basatne’s investment in these services.

Apkudo said its RFA Processing Solution is a modular suite of apps and appliances for receiving, preparing, cleaning, data clearing, testing, and grading connected devices using software, robotics, and artificial intelligence to provide an automated, single-piece flow for any device, anywhere.

The companies said that eliminating human subjectivity will help Basatne increase grading accuracy for the resale market and double device volume throughput with the aid of automation.

“I’m delighted Basatne has chosen our innovative solution for device processing and diagnostics. Our partnership will support the accurate, consistent, and cost-effective processing of devices for the reverse logistics industry,” Josh Matthews, CEO and co-founder of Apkudo said in a statement. “This expansion into the Middle East reflects our focus and investment into improving device grading and processing globally.”

Basatne International’s specialties include assisting OEM partners distribute new products; recovering and remarketing of devices; product flow analysis; return goods management; and logistics. The company has offices around the globe.

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