3 Things: UNT, Cowboys Pairing will Aid Students in Careers

UNT Cowboys

Some UNT students will get a jumpstart on their careers through a partnership with the Dallas Cowboys, a new test being used in Dallas aims to make cancer treatment less invasive for patients, and Muck Rack has five tips to consider before starting a Kickstarter campaign. 

The University of North Texas and the Dallas Cowboys have joined forces to provide students opportunities to prepare them for future careers. UNT students, particularly those at the Frisco location near the new Cowboys headquarters, the Ford Center at The Star, can participate in a variety of internships. Broadcast journalism, sports medicine, and hospitality are just a few fields in which students can gain hands-on experience. The Star-Telegram has more on how the partnership will increase awareness of UNT throughout Texas and the world.

A new FDA-approved test could make cancer treatment less invasive, and Dallas oncologists are a part of the movement. Dr. Darshan Gandhi, medical director of oncology at Methodist Charlton Medical Center, told KERA News about the benefits of liquid biopsies. Instead of removing tissue to test a patient for a disease, the liquid biopsy only requires a blood sample to check for tumor DNA. While the liquid biopsy is currently being used only for one form of lung cancer, expanded use could replace invasive tests like mammograms and prostate exams.

Crowdfunding is a helpful tool for startups, but how do you spread the word about your new tech gadget or original idea? Muck Rack, a publication for journalism and PR professionals, helps its readers navigate Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and similar services with five simple tips. One strategy to capture the media’s attention is to find your hook, or hone in on what really matters about your campaign. Do your research and know your audience is the second piece of advice. To find the other three tips, read more here

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