Supply, the Fort Worth-Based Men’s Grooming Brand of ‘Shark Tank’ Fame, Acquired by Foundry Brands

by | Sep 29, 2022
Husband-and-wife co-founders Patrick and Jennifer Coddou launched their men's grooming startup Supply out of their spare bedroom, stored products in their garage, and shipped from their laundry room. After raising $256K on Kickstarter and getting a $300K investment on ABC's "Shark Tank," they expanded their business. Now, with the acquisition by Foundry Brands, Patrick is living what he calls the most attainable American Dream: "Have an idea, work your tail off for years, scale it to millions, sell it for millions," he wrote on Twitter.
Plano-Based CharaChorder’s New Kickstarter Product Wants to Help You Type Faster Than Any Other Keyboard
by | Apr 20, 2021
It met its funding goal in less than 24 hours after launching.
DFW Startup Launches Kickstarter for Puzzles Highlighting the Work of Black Artists
by | Sep 28, 2020
The puzzle company is currently fundraising through Kickstarter. Although it's already halfway to its goal, the project will only be funded if it reaches $4,200 by Oct. 5.
Stuhoundious: Get Your Dog in the (Card) Game With This Kickstarter
by | Feb 4, 2020
Pledging to Stuhoundious' campaign at the $100 level—it ends in three days—means your dog could be illustrated into a new card game created by the pair behind Dallas' defi SOLUTIONS.
Hurdle Michael Rowley

Q+A: Dallas Filmmakers Explore Lives of Palestinian Creatives in Documentary ‘Hurdle’

by | Jun 6, 2018
Dallas director Michael Rowley shares his experience filming the documentary set for release in 2019 and immersing himself in the Palestinian parkour culture.
Agricultural Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding: Fort Worth’s Harvest Returns Working to Simplify Agriculture Investments
by | Jan 30, 2018
Chris Rawley and Austin Maness are running one of the nation’s first crowdfunding websites for agricultural investments.
Fort Worth Entrepreneur Trades Selling Fighter Jets for Razors at His New Men’s Grooming Startup
by | Oct 13, 2017
Though his job was something most would dream of, his desire to be an entrepreneur led him to start Supply, a men's grooming company based in Fort Worth.
Company Seeks Exceptional Products It Can Market at No Cost to Inventors
by | Feb 5, 2016
If your invention can get on Exceptional Products' radar, be enticing enough to get tested, and be one of the 20 percent that passes all those steps, it may just get a national media campaign worth about $3 million.