3 Things: DART Urged to Build D2 Light Rail Underground


The Real Estate Council seeks an underground light rail downtown, UTSW study shows brain activity differs between obese and leaner women, and the DFW Health Entrepreneur Network event will celebrate the launch of health care entrepreneur website.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit is being urged by The Real Estate Council to put the entirety of its D2 light rail line in downtown Dallas underground. The Dallas Business Journal reported that TREC President and CEO Linda McMahon believes an underground line would make communities better connected and facilitate the ongoing flow of existing street and pedestrian traffic. Find out more here.

Looking for resources to help navigate the health care startup world? Healthentrepreneur.com launched this week to provide mentorship, networking, education, and funding information for both entrepreneurs just starting out in health care and those who’ve spent years in the industry. The DFW Health Entrepreneur Network is planning to celebrate the launch of the website in an event Thursday night featuring speakers discussing the role of banks and lenders in the health care startup scene. Read more about the website and get details about the event.

A UT Southwestern Medical Center study has found that brain activity in obese women differs from leaner women. Researchers showed a group of women pictures of food after the women had fasted for 12 hours and then after eating a meal. The results showed the parts of the brain that were active when the individuals were hungry, decreased in activity for leaner women after eating the meal while the same areas of the brain remained active for obese women. “We don’t know if this [is] a conditioned response, meaning that after years of eating a certain way, the brain learns to respond differently, or if people are born in fact with different brain activity,” Dr. Nancy Puzziferri, a bariatric surgeon, and professor at UTSW, told KERA. Read more about the study. 

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