How UT Southwestern Medical Center Nurtures Next-Gen Health Care Leaders

by | Dec 30, 2022
As one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers, nurturing employees for management and leadership roles is mission critical. The medical center, with its workforce of nearly 23,000, received the 2022 BOLD award for its leadership development. “As we do with our scientific, medical, and training missions, we apply data-driven strategies to nurture leaders who contribute to our institution’s culture of integrity, inclusiveness, and collaboration, and extend those qualities throughout the organization,” Holly Crawford said.
Dallas’ MedCognetics Gets FDA Clearance for Its AI-Enabled Breast Cancer Screening Software
by | Dec 20, 2022
The early-stage startup's QmTRIAGE software platform uses AI and machine learning to detect early breast cancers with a "high rate" of accuracy, MedCognetics says. The company has worked with UT Southwestern and UT Dallas to ensure its AI improves outcomes for "all ethnicities," at a time when racial disparities in AI have become a growing concern.
UT Southwestern Is Selected as One of 12 NIH Obesity Research Centers
by | Sep 28, 2022
Over 150 scientists across dozens of departments will be part of the elite National Institutes of Health-funded, university-wide interdisciplinary research center. Dallas' UT Southwestern Medical Center is the only institution in Texas to be selected for the NIH initiative.

UTSW wants to translate scientific discoveries into new therapeutic strategies for the prevention and treatment of obesity, which it describes as a chronic disease affecting more than 40% of the U.S. population, with medical costs nearing $175 billion.
The Last Word: UTSW’s Dr. Jaclyn Albin on How Culinary Medicine May Cure What Ails You
From obesity to cardiovascular disease, we live in an era of unprecedented diet-related health problems. But Dr. Albin, who leads the Culinary Medicine program at UT Southwestern, and her team are trying to cook up a solution by reviewing programs at medical schools across the U.S. The review of programs by UT Southwestern researchers has been published in Academic Medicine, the journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Dallas UTSW Scientists Find Source of Rapid Weight Gain From Antipsychotics

by | May 13, 2021
Scientist Chen Liu and his colleagues published new findings that suggest a way to counteract the extra weight that can lead patients to stop taking their medication. Possibilities include a recently FDA-approved drug to treat genetic obesity.
How These Married Dallas Physicians Launched a First-of-its-Kind Medical Education Platform and Podcast
by | Mar 3, 2021
Aaron Fritts, an interventional radiologist, and Gopi Shah, an otolaryngologist, co-founded BackTable in 2016 as a platform for the exchange of ideas, with the hope that it would propel healthcare into the future. Since, the startup has grown to include a podcast that has skyrocketed during the pandemic in terms of demand, scope of expertise, and impact.
UTSW’s Children’s Medical Research Institute Discovers Why Exercise Helps Build New Bones and Improve Immune Function
by | Feb 24, 2021
The scientist's research indicates that exercise can reverse thin bones caused by old age, highlighting the importance of older patients staying active.
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LaunchBio and TechFW Announce First Cohort of Startups for Dallas’ ThinkLab Accelerator
by | Feb 3, 2021
The program will offer eight Dallas biotech and life science companies free business training with the hope that they will one day locate their companies to Pegasus Park, a mixed-use social purpose project near the Dallas Design District and the Southwestern Medical District.
This year’s winners from UT Southwestern —Olutoyosi “Toy” Ogunkua, M.D., Luis Sifuentes-Dominguez, M.D, and Chika Nwachukwu, M.D., Ph.D.—bring the total number grants awarded by the Council since its founding five years ago to nine. [Images via UTSW]

Southwestern Medical Foundation/UTSW Cary Council Awards Grants to Three Early-Stage Researchers

by | Jan 11, 2021
Members raised nearly $100K in funding for the research awardees who will investigate new evidence-based pathways that can treat some of the world’s most intractable illnesses.
DFW Leaders Discuss How COVID-19 Has Fueled Innovation in Health Care, Philanthropy, and More
by | Oct 12, 2020
"The downside of a pandemic is that it's frightening. The good thing is, sometimes it speeds up things that probably needed to happen. Like telemedicine," Nicole Small, CEO of LH Capital/Lyda Hill Philanthropies, said during the event.
UTSW Scientist: ‘We Need More Women Thinking Creatively in the Lab and Pushing Science Forward’
by | Oct 8, 2020
This year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry, awarded to two female scientists for the development of CRISPR as a gene-editing tool, is a revolution, according to a pair of UTSW scientists. UTSW's Eric Olson and Rhonda Bassel-Duby use the technology in their work to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Olson also is the co-founder of biotech Exonics Therapeutics, which exited last year in a deal roughly valued at $1B.
Do Animals That Carry Viruses Like COVID-19 Have Antiviral Genes? This UTSW Researcher Wins NIH Pioneer Award and $3.5M to Find Out
by | Oct 7, 2020
John Schoggins is one of 10 recipients for the National Institutes of Health's Pioneer Award. The forward-looking researcher is ahead of the curve, beginning the pursuit prior to the current pandemic.

5 Ways UT Southwestern Medical Center Is Fighting COVID

by | Aug 4, 2020
Virus researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have amped up their lab and data work to fight and defeat COVID-19. Here are key takeaways from UTSW's Claire Aldridge, who herself has battled the virus and fully recovered.
How Cooling Shoes Insoles From UTSW Scientists Could Heal Diabetic’s Heels
by | Jun 23, 2020
The recently developed cooling shoe device greatly decreases foot temperatures, lowering a significant risk factor for diabetic foot ulcers.
coronavirus Dallas researchers
UTSW Researchers Discover Human Protein That Could Stop Coronavirus
by | Mar 9, 2020
UT Southwestern Medical Center and international collaborators found that a protein produced by the human immune system could inhibit several coronaviruses, including the one behind the current outbreak.
Discovery: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? UTSW May Have Found a Way
by | Mar 6, 2020
Plus, you'll also read out about a University of North Texas professor developing technology that could better diagnose cancer in our weekly roundup of research and development activity in North Texas.