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Topgolf Takes a ‘Swing Fore Childhood Cancer’ at Locations Nationwide

by | Sep 24, 2023
Hosted during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the fundraiser will be held this Thursday at Topgolf and Suite Shots locations across the nation, including Texas, California, Louisiana, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Tennessee.
Largest Urban Heat Island in Dallas to Get World-Class Green Space
by | Aug 9, 2023
A 2-mile hot zone along the Southwestern Medical District in Dallas is getting a cool makeover. The city's biggest urban heat island is slated to be turned into a dedicated green space.

See designs for the corridor, complete with a 10-acre park.
UT Southwestern, Clements Hospital Honored for Efforts to Reduce Antibiotic Resistant Infections
by | Jul 30, 2023

In recognition of its efforts to reduce infections caused by antimicrobial resistance, UT Southwestern Medical Center and its William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital in Dallas have been named an Antimicrobial Stewardship Center of Excellence by the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

“Our UT Southwestern Antimicrobial Stewardship Team (SWAT), led by James Cutrell, M.D.,...

Public-Private Consortium Will Fund 3 Gene Therapy Clinical Trials at UT Southwestern
by | Jun 22, 2023
"There are over 10,000 rare diseases that affect millions of people worldwide, and most of them are genetic," notes UT Southwestern's Steven Gray (above, with Susan Iannaccone, M.D.). Testing on a total of eight genetic diseases has been approved for funding by the Bespoke Gene Therapy Consortium and other organizations.

New $500K Prizes Funded by Lyda Hill Will Promote Scientific Research and Innovation

by | May 24, 2023
Lyda Hill Philanthropies and TAMEST, the Texas Academy of Medicine, Engineering, Science, and Technology, have launched the Hill Prizes. The new program will provide $2.5 million in funding to support the research of Texas scientists.
Noted Dallas Researcher, Physician Named as Susan G. Komen Research Scholar
by | May 5, 2023
Carlos L. Arteaga, M.D., is director of the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center and associate dean of oncology programs at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He is a professor of internal medicine and the Lisa K. Simmons Distinguished Chair in Comprehensive Oncology at UT Southwestern.
Russell DeBose-Boyd, left, and Duojia Pan, scientists at UT Southwestern, were elected to the National Academy of Sciences. [Courtesy photos
National Academy of Sciences Elects 2 More UT Southwestern Scientists as Members
by | May 5, 2023
Russell DeBose-Boyd, Ph.D., professor of molecular genetics and the Beatrice and Miguel Elias Distinguished Chair in Biomedical Science, and Duojia Pan, Ph.D., chair of physiology and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, were elected by their peers in recognition of the importance of their scientific discoveries, UT Southwestern said.
Research Bridge Partners and Lyda Hill Philanthropies Fuel UT Southwestern’s Biotech Spinouts With $4 Million Investment
by | Apr 20, 2023
The initial investment will support the commercialization of life science research, including identifying researchers with entrepreneurial mindsets, safeguarding intellectual property, and recruiting key executives.

Southwestern Medical Foundation Announces New CEO

by | Mar 16, 2023
Michael McMahan follows Kathleen Gibson as CEO, who spent 10 years at the helm of the foundation. McMahan worked for more than a decade at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. He'll now lead the foundation in its mission to build "a sustainable funding source for innovative research, best-in-class medical education, and the highest standard of treatment and care."
Simmons Cancer Center Investigators Get Nearly $15M in CPRIT funding
by | Mar 13, 2023
“Our researchers continue to push the envelope on developing a better understanding of cancer and new ways to help cancer patients in Texas and beyond,” said Center Director Carlos L. Arteaga, M.D.
UTSW Researchers’ Discovery About Gut Bacteria May Improve Cancer Treatments
by | Mar 9, 2023
The researchers discovered how healthy bacteria can escape the intestine, travel to lymph nodes and cancerous tumors elsewhere in the body, and boost the effectiveness of certain immunotherapy drugs. “Now we understand that mechanism much better and, in the future, hope to use this knowledge to better fight cancer," said UT Southwestern's Andrew Y. Koh, M.D.
UTSW Researchers Discover Liver Hormone Helps Drunk Mice Sober Up Quicker
by | Mar 7, 2023

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas have discovered that could lead to an effective treatment for acute alcohol intoxications.

The researchers reported in a new study that a shot of a liver-produced hormone called FGF21 sobered up mice that had passed out from alcohol....


UTSW Researchers Find Autoantibody Linked to Rare Disorder That Destroys Fat

by | Feb 21, 2023
The UT Southwestern researchers discovered the first molecular biomarker for AGL, a rare disorder in which fat deposits are destroyed, causing patients to have dangerously low body fat, signs of accelerated aging, and severe metabolic diseases including diabetes and fatty liver.
TAMEST Honors UT Southwestern Researcher for Work on Parasitic Disease
by | Jan 20, 2023

An associate professor of pharmacology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas will receive the 2023 Edith and Peter O’Donnell Award in Biological Sciences from The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas (TAMEST) for increasing the understanding of schistosomiasis, a disease caused by parasitic worms that infect hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people, including children....

UT Southwestern develops VR training tool
UTSW, UT Dallas Collaborate on VR Training on Handling Violent Encounters in the E.R.
by | Jan 11, 2023
The collaboration has led to an innovative VR training tool that places physicians inside a virtual hospital examination room—where they experience a series of realistic patient encounters. The tool enables physicians to practice proven de-escalation tactics to help these incidents end peacefully.
UT Southwestern Team’s Gene Editing Battles 1-in-250 Heart Condition
by | Dec 21, 2022
UT Southwestern researchers have used gene editing technology to develop what could be a breakthrough for dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that affects one in 250 people worldwide. “The pace of this field is really breathtaking,” said Eric Olson, Ph.D., who co-led the study. “I expect that if this moves forward into patients, we’re not talking within decades—we’re talking within years.”​