Women’s Safety-Based Rideshare App Safr Driving into DFW This Fall

Safr is intended to support women in multiple ways—financially, charitably, professionally, and of course, safely.


A new ridesharing service is launching in five cities this fall, and one of them is Dallas. Yes, Safr is based on providing safe ridesbut the company is actually doing a lot more to empower women.

The Boston-based startup launched in January 2017 as a mission-driven company “built with the needs of women in mind.”

Drivers also must undergo a comprehensive background check in criminal and motor vehicle history.

By hiring female drivers, paying more than the industry standard, and donating a portion of every fare to charity, Safr aims to elevate gender equality in the ridesharing sector.

Similar to fan-favorites Uber and Lyft, Safr has an app available to download on the Apple Store or Google Play. According to the Safr website, each driver has been personally vetted with an in-person interview and driving session, and they have the option to participate in a ride safety training course. Drivers also must undergo a comprehensive background check in criminal and motor vehicle history.

When you request a ride, Safr also has implemented features to ensure additional security, including:

  • a 24/7 real-time command center that tracks each trip;
  • an SOS button that any driver or rider can press that will automatically notify Safr, 911, or your chosen emergency contact; and
  • a color-matching system that both the driver and rider must verify to ensure the correct person is being picked up.


Dallas-Fort Worth highways host myriad drivers from ridesharing services. Curb, Jayride, SuperShuttle, Wingz, and of course, Uber and Lyft, are just a few options, according to RideGuru.

Last year, lawmakers actually made it easier to hail a ride in Texas.

As reported by The Dallas Morning News, Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that enacted statewide regulations for ridesharing services, which voided any specific city requirements in place. That move allowed for more consistent ridesharing rules across the state, such as mandatory background checks and illegal rider discrimination.

In addition to new legislation, Dallas also has seen protection-based services make their way to the roads. For example, former DISD Police Chief Craig Miller and his partners created Bubbl in 2016, a shuttle service that uses off-duty police officers as drivers. As reported by Dallas Innovates, safety was the company’s biggest priority.

While the traffic in the ridesharing space gets heavier, it’s up to the rider to choose which service they prefer. Hang tight, because Safr carsand their safer driverswill be a new option to choose in the coming months.

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