How Will DFW Embrace Driverless Cars? New Study Says 1M Could Make Switch

A new study's findings predicts a huge shift in transportation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

autonomous car

A new study has revealed that one million Dallas-Fort Worth drivers could opt for autonomous vehicles and ride-sourcing services for their transportation in the next 15-20 years. 

The study, “Driverless Future: A Policy Roadmap for City Leaders,” was done by Arcadis, HR&A Advisors, and Sam Schwartz Consulting. As part of the research, the urban planning experts mapped out the transportation shift for three sample cities: New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas. 

By comparing the cost of owning a car to the cost of using a ride-sourcing vehicle, such as Uber or Lyft, the study was able to calculate how many people would give up their cars and at what point. 

“One out of three people is going to shift from driving to being driven over the next generation.” 

Joe Iacobucci

The study estimates 31 percent of traffic in the DFW area will move from traditional to autonomous and ride-sharing transportation. 

Joe Iacobucci, director of transit at Sam Schwartz Consulting, told the Dallas Business Journal the change will have a large impact on transportation and cities should be preparing. 

“One out of three people is going to shift from driving to being driven over the next generation,” Iacobucci said. 

By 2030, McKinsey estimates that nearly 15 percent of global vehicle sales will be autonomous. 

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