Will AT&T Eliminate DirecTV Dishes Within 5 Years?

The company plans to make the DirecTV Now app as its primary source of television programming.


AT&T reportedly will make streaming its primary TV source with five years.

Dallas-based AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) intends to make its online streaming service, DirecTV Now, the main video platform within three to five years, Bloomberg reported.

Citing sources, Bloomberg said that AT&T, the largest pay-TV provider in the U.S., has been working for more than a year to construct as video-delivery system capable of carrying multiple live feeds to its broadband-connected customers.

That would eliminate the need for a satellite dish or a cable hookup in five years or less, according to the report.

AT&T bought satellite TV provider DirecTV last year for $48.5 billion, and it has been looking for ways to take on such online-only competitors as Netflix Inc. and Amazon.com. Those companies has lower-priced alternatives to AT&T’s services.

Bloomberg said that so far in 2016, AT&T has lost more than 100,000 television customers.

While the price of the DirecTV Now service has been finalized, it initially will stream free as AT&T targets budget-minded customers.

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