Uptown WeWork Coworking Space Opens in January


Coworking spaces are gaining momentum in North Texas with more than 35 places now available in the region.

While many are locally owned, the new WeWork location in Uptown Dallas is part of a corporate chain, The Dallas Morning News reported. It will open in January.

New York City-based WeWork plans to open a second, larger location — 80,000 square feet of space — in Thanksgiving Tower in downtown Dallas in the spring. More than 300,000 square feet of coworking space has been absorbed with the Uptown/downtown area in two years.

Together, the two WeWork locations will have space for 2,550 startups, freelancers, and others who want a nontraditional workspace.

The concept of coworking spaces has grown as more people work remotely, freelance or start their own tech company.

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