This New Fort Worth Tech Firm Is Bringing the Gig Economy to the Energy Industry

Energy Freelance, a MineralWare company, provides a first-of-its-kind online marketplace that can match energy experts with project-based work from mineral managers and royalty owners across the U.S.

A new technology firm has launched out of Fort Worth that uses first-of-its-kind technology to connect mineral managers and royalty owners to energy professionals across the U.S. for project-based work. 

Fittingly named, the company essentially offers freelance jobs to those in the energy industry through a tech-enabled marketplace. The platform, which Energy Freelance says is the only one of its kind, has two-fold benefits for both sides of the energy industry.

Mineral managers and mineral and royalty owners are given access to a network of experts, and can create projects and hire qualified workers in a matter of minutes. On the other end, landmen and energy professionals are able to find consistent contract work during a period of market change amidst COVID-19.

Projects posted range from title research and due diligence to GIS mapping and data validation.

[Photo: Energy Freelance]

According to Energy Freelance, the tech is filling an urgent need in the industry. Millions of landmen, title attorneys, and others now have a dedicated place to complete projects they traditionally wouldn’t have an opportunity to.

They’re also able to be their own bosses. The benefits of using the platform, according to the Energy Freelance team, are: access to personalized job recommendations, more money earned by working directly with a client, and working from wherever and whenever.

At the same time, the millions of mineral and royalty owners are assured experienced, qualified workers have been hired to handle their energy needs.

In a time when the gig economy is booming, Energy Freelance’s entirely online marketplace wants to open a previously unavailable segment of the market.

“Uber has proven that there is a strong market for the ‘on-demand service’ and ‘be your own boss’ model,” Energy Freelance CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Vinson said in a statement. “We are taking that same concept and applying it to a vast and growing energy marketplace.”

Vinson, a serial entrepreneur, and the team that brought MineralWare and Energy Domain to market are the ones behind Energy Freelance.

Fort Worth-based MineralWare is a provider of cutting-edge mineral management software for banks, institutions, investment funds, foundations, family offices and individuals. In November 2019, MineralWare launched sister company Energy Domain, an oil and gas minerals royalties marketplace, the industry’s first end-to-end transaction platform of its kind.

Energy Freelance is also a MineralWare company.

“The industry and our clients at MineralWare have continued to ask for easier access to trustworthy industry professionals and competitive rates for project-based work,” Vinson said. “Through an efficient tech-enabled platform, Energy Freelance does just that and more.”

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