This New Dallas Firm Offers ‘Concierge-Level Service’ With its eDiscovery Platform for the Construction Industry

Founded by former construction company lawyers and specialists in electronic discovery, Construction Discovery Experts (CDE) uses AI and machine learning to help make litigation less painful.

What do you get when you combine “concierge-level service” with AI and machine learning tailored specifically to construction industry firms dealing with legal issues? A new Dallas firm that aims to make litigation less painful for construction companies.

Construction Discovery Experts (CDE) is a new eDiscovery and consulting firm founded by experts in construction law and eDiscovery.

Electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, refers to using electronically stored information such as emails, computer files, and databases in legal proceedings. Systems and software that assist in eDiscovery help legal professionals process, tag, and produce informative electronic documents.

CDE offers both eDiscovery consulting expertise and eDiscovery platforms to help sift through electronic evidence.

“In founding CDE, we knew we wanted to specialize in eDiscovery platforms and processes so that our clients could focus on playing to their own strengths in legal proceedings,” said Lauren Abeyta, co-founder and COO of CDE and a certified eDiscovery specialist. “Our ‘concierge-level service’ is exactly what it sounds like—we look around the next curve for each client to recommend the best move when they find themselves in new and unfamiliar territory regarding the vast world of eDiscovery.”

Leadership in the new firm includes CEO Brett Lamb, the founder and former in-house counsel for Austin Industries, and founder and CFO Steve Ganss, the managing partner in a private equity firm. Ron Tienzo, an eDiscovery consultant to Fortune 100 companies, is also part of CDE’s senior consultant team.

In an interview on eDiscoveryLeadersLive, Tienzo said CDE creates a custom AI model for each client, using documents the client produces from in-house materials and the company’s previous cases.

According to Tienzo, eDiscovery is beginning to use AI and machine learning to improve the collection of electronic evidence, and CDE can customize those tools for specific application to the needs of the building industry.

And, the team takes it a step further to tailor it to a specific company while preserving privacy of the data.

“Construction Discovery Experts was an idea that came to life after years of practicing construction law, at a large law firm and as an in-house construction lawyer,” Lamb said. “My experiences confirmed that there is really no ‘one-stop-shop’ for legal technology that speaks the same language as construction companies. CDE takes clients through the entire litigation process with what I believe is an unmatched level of service and knowledge, from choosing the right eDiscovery platform to creating processes that equip our clients to win.”

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