The Last Word: Dallas AI’s Aamer Charania On ‘ChatGPT in Medicine’

Dallas AI, the largest nonprofit AI forum in North Texas, will host an online meetup on the topic on May 3.

“How do you feel about your physician using ChatGPT at your next visit?”

Aamer Charania
President and Founder 
Dallas AI
.…on hosting a Dallas AI online meetup Wednesday on “ChatGPT in Medicine.”

Aamer Charania

Charania is the head of applied machine learning at Best Buy. On Wednesday at 6 p.m., he’ll host “ChatGPT in Medicine,” an online meetup presented by Dallas AI, the largest nonprofit AI forum in North Texas. His guest: Harvey Castro, MD, author of “ChatGPT and Healthcare: The Key to the New Future of Medicine.” Both men are DFW-based.

Writing on LinkedIn, Charania said the two will discuss the implications of Large Language Models in healthcare—and noted that people may find the subject “exciting” or “scary.” 

“In this talk, Dr. Castro will delve into these topics and explore the role that AI language models, such as GPT, can play in healthcare,” Dallas AI writes on its Meetup page. “He will discuss the potential benefits of using GPT to improve patient outcomes, as well as the risks and challenges associated with the technology. He will also explore the impact that GPT and other AI models can have on healthcare professionals, patients, and society at large.”

“By examining the good, the bad, and the ugly in healthcare and GPT, we can better understand how to use technology responsibly and ethically in the pursuit of better health outcomes for all,” Dallas AI added.

Harvey Castro, MD

Dr. Castro—a physician, healthcare consultant, and serial entrepreneur— is dedicated to increasing digital health awareness and implementing positive changes in the healthcare industry. The physician and author, who first began writing books for other students in medical school to pay for his own textbooks, quickly established himself as a healthcare innovator in North Texas. He created over 30 iPhone and Android healthcare applications, and as a speaker for the American College of Emergency Physicians, he has shared his expertise in healthcare technology with audiences across the United States.

Today, Dr. Castro continues to drive innovation in the healthcare industry to impact positive change. 

Only 23 “spots” were left in the online meetup as of Tuesday afternoon. To register, you can go here.

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