The Last Word: Asset Panda’s Girish Kotte on Why Algorithms ‘Can’t Feel the Market Pulse’

“AI will never replace human intuition in the stock market.”

Girish Kotte
Engineering Lead
Asset Panda
.…on why “algorithms can’t feel the market pulse,” via his post on LinkedIn.

Girish Kotte

Kotte leads the backend development team for Frisco-based Asset Panda, an asset management solution that helps organizations track, maintain, and optimize their physical assets. He also oversees the full-stack development efforts of the company’s platform. 

In a LinkedIn post, he offers his “controversial take” that AI won’t make humans obsolete in sectors like the stock market. Why? “Because markets are more than numbers; they’re a reflection of human behaviors, fears, hopes, and irrationalities.”

“Consider this: a seasoned trader’s gut feeling about an emerging trend or a CEO’s nervous tone during an earnings call,” he writes. “These are intangible insights that AI, as of now and the foreseeable future, can’t quantify or react to with the same depth of understanding.”

He also posits that algorithms “lack the ability to interpret geopolitical events, natural disasters, or sudden changes in consumer behavior with the nuanced understanding a human brings.”

Kotte invites readers to comment on their own experiences of the race between AI and human intuition in the stock market in his post.

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