The Life/Work Blur: How These Dallas Companies Fight Burnout and ‘Zoom Fatigue’

by | Sep 23, 2020
HR experts from BGSF, Corgan, the Match Group, and Omnitracs have tips to foster connectedness, maintain productivity—and inspire fun.
‘This is the Paradigm Shift’: Walkabout Workplace CEO Makes Working from Anywhere a Social Experience
by | Aug 31, 2020
Toni Portmaan's SaaS virtual real estate and digital office platform was built for the age of WFH—well ahead of the pandemic. It's in its second round of seed funding.
DHD Giga
Find a Face: DHD GIGA Puts You in the Room for Mark Cuban’s Startup Week Talk
by | Apr 4, 2019
The post-event platform offers a 360-degree view and the ability to zoom in and out. Where's Waldo? If he's in the room, you'll find him.