Find a Face: DHD GIGA Puts You in the Room for Mark Cuban’s Startup Week Talk

The post-event platform offers a 360-degree view and the ability to zoom in and out. Where's Waldo? If he's in the room, you'll find him.

DHD Giga

If you’re curious about who was in the audience during Mark Cuban’s rousing talk at Dallas Startup Week, DHD Films has posted a DHD GIGA image that allows you to view the whole room—all 360 degrees of it—and zoom in on all the faces there.


DHD GIGA 360° lets you see attendees up close by zooming in. [Courtesy: DHD Films]

DHD Films is a full-service video production agency in Dallas, and its DHD GIGA feature is a post-event engagement platform that makes you feel like you were there, even if you weren’t.

DHD GIGA was nearly a year in the making

“Over the last year, our team has worked incredibly hard so we can launch beta activation during Dallas Startup Week,” DHD founder and Creative Director Shezad Manjee told Dallas Innovates. “As a creative service agency, this is the first time we have developed and are going to market with a software product, and the thriving Dallas Startup ecosystem has been a great source of inspiration as well as connections for us.”

TAKE IN THE VIEW: Click here to use DHD GIGA. You might find someone you know.

DHD launched its new GIGA 360º post-event photo platform during Dallas Startup Week 2019.

DHD launched its new GIGA 360° post-event photo platform during Dallas Startup Week 2019. [Courtesy: DHD Films]

Jose Medina, product manager for DHD GIGA said the effort to create the feature was months near a year in the making, but worth all the work.

“In Q1 of 2018, we set out to solve a challenge that impacted many of our enterprise customers and over 90 percent of event organizers and meeting planners globally,” Medina said. “Almost 12 months into the journey, after tens of thousands of lines of code and over a hundred customer validation conversations, we are thrilled to launch DHD GIGA, a premier post-event engagement platform that enables the excitement of your attendees and messaging of your sponsors to multiply and amplify beyond the event.” 


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