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Lockheed Martin Energy Gets Federal Contract

Posted by Lance Murray

Grand Prairie-based Lockheed Martin Energy has been tapped by the U.S. Department of Energy to improve energy and water efficiency at federal facilities around the country.

Lockheed Martin

Under the contract, Lockheed Martin Energy is one of 21 companies that will implement

Capstone Makes Smart Water Meters Even Smarter

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Capstone Metering plans to make its smart water meters even smarter this year while also targeting new cities for installation.

The Plano-based company developed a cloud-based water meter that uses a cellular network to read usage and automate the billing …

SunToWater Takes Air’s Moisture, Makes Drinking Water

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Residential water generators could become as commonplace as solar panels for the homes of the future, according to Benjamin Blumenthal, co-founder and CEO of SunToWater Technologies.

The Carrollton-based company has developed a device that harnesses moisture in the air and …

Dallas’ Fight for Flint

Posted by Damian Skinner

It’s not every day that coders, engineers, and startup founders spend their weekend tackling a nationally recognized tragedy. Much less invest their resources into a project that is 1,205 miles away. But that is exactly what Startup Weekend Dallas is …