NaturalShrimp Says New Patented Tech Enables Indoor Propogation of All Fish

The company said that the Vibrio Suppression Technology system eliminates water-borne bacteria and other harmful organisms, permitting aquatic species to grow indoors.


Dallas-based NaturalShrimp Inc. said the joint patent for the first commercially viable system for growing aquatic species indoors it recently announced, isn’t just for shrimp, but for the propagation of all fish.

The patent also covers aquatic arthropods such as lobsters and mollusks, such as oysters and clams, NaturalShrimp said in a release.

The company is near bringing the technology to market, it said in the release.

NaturalShrimp said that it and Florida-based F&T Water Solutions LLC received U.S. Patent No. 10,163,199 B2 in December for the “Recirculating Aquaculture System and Treatment Method for Aquatic Species.” 

NaturalShrimp said it maintains exclusive worldwide rights for any and all shrimp species utilizing this patent. Seafood News reported last year that Americans consumed an average of roughly 4.1 pounds of shrimp per capita.

Shrimp and fish are part of the company’s fresh, chemically free products

“Our initial focus is bringing shrimp to market by replicating our indoor technology in regional production centers outside New York, City, Chicago and Las Vegas. But it is very important for our investors to know the broad implications of the patent we received,” NaturalShrimp CEO Bill G. Williams said in the release.

“Consumers are now living a healthier lifestyle by eating fresh, chemically free products. The use of this technology as a water treatment delivers on this trend and acts as an antioxidant, increasing the overall health benefits,” Peter Letizia, CEO of F&T Water Solutions, said in the release.

NaturalShrimp and F&T said they developed and patented the Vibrio Suppression Technology system. It eliminates water-borne bacteria and other harmful organisms, enabling many aquatic species to thrive in an indoor, all-natural environment that the companies said could be replicated anywhere in the world. 

Through their subsidiary, Natural Aquatic Systems, the companies are said they entertaining possible joint ventures and/ or licensing candidates for indoor systems of many species, including Barramundi and Salmon.

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