Plano-Based Tentacle Unveils AI Control Mapping Solution to Streamline Cybersecurity Management

by | Apr 18, 2023
Tentacle aims to help businesses say goodbye to the days of sifting through endless spreadsheets and documentation. Its new AI-fueled Control Mapping tool could streamline processes—and reduce headaches in cybersecurity management.
Follow the Money: Web3 Infrastructure Startup Raises $66M, Dallas SPAC Set to Take Bus Services Firm Public, Fort Worth VC Raises $4M for Third Fund, and More
by | Jun 3, 2022
Plus, stealthy Dallas startup LibLab raises $42M; Fort Worth biotech Sanara raises $15M; UPS Acquires Plano-based Delivery Solutions; Four Seasons in Las Colinas finds new owners; and more North Texas deals.
Plano Information Security Startup Raises New Funds Amid Growing Global Threats
by | Jun 1, 2022
In about 24 months, Plano-based Tentacle has grown from an "idea sketched out on a PowerPoint deck to a valuable enterprise application that's able to solve real problems," says founder and CEO Matt Combs. 

Now a new investment by Providence Strategic Growth will help the cybersecurity startup expand both its functionality and market position, after a 105% surge in ransomware attacks and a 350% increase in social engineering attacks in 2021.
Plano-Based Tentacle Launches Tech Platform To ‘Transform the Information Security Space’
by | Sep 30, 2021
With more than 2,200 daily cyberattacks worldwide—at an average $200K per successful attack—organizations are racing to increase their information security. Tentacle says its configurable data management tool can help organizations modernize and optimize their security programs "with far greater efficiency and effectiveness."