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State of Entrepreneurship ‘Lightning Rundown’: The North Texas Startup Ecosystem

Here's a look at the past year in headlines.
State of Entrepreneurship 2022: More Than $2 Billion Invested in North Texas Entrepreneurs Last Year
by | Mar 14, 2022
It's the second year in a row to surpass $1 billion, said Trey Bowles at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center's annual State of Entrepreneurship event.
Local Innovators Take Home Awards at Dallas’ State of Entrepreneurship 2022 Event
by | Mar 14, 2022

At the Dallas Entrepreneur Center’s State of Entrepreneurship event last week, individual innovators and local startups were recognized for their accomplishments over the past year. And, according to the numbers, there was a lot to celebrate....

Mayor Eric Johnson at the State of Entrepreneurship: ‘I Believe That Dallas Needs To Be a City That Leads’
by | May 6, 2021
Here's our rundown of each speaker, award, and Q&A from the Dallas Entrepreneur Center's annual State of Entrepreneurship.

Nominate an Entrepreneur for Dallas Startup Week’s State of Entrepreneurship Awards by Friday

by | Aug 25, 2020
It's the 11th hour: Nominations for the annual State of Entrepreneurship event's four award categories close on Friday, August 28.
Leah Frazier
Q+A: ‘FashionPreneur’ Leah Frazier Helps Make ‘Other People’s Dreams Come True’
by | Apr 5, 2018
Leah Frazier talks about her own entrepreneurial journey, her advice for others striking it out on their own, and her experience in the Dallas startup community. 
Submit Your Pick for 2018 ‘Startup Evangelist’
by | Mar 27, 2018
As Dallas Startup Week approaches, organizers are looking to honor someone who "protects and preserves the spirit of the community by being the voice of reason with a 'give first' mentality." Nominations are due by midnight Wednesday.