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POETIC is one of the Community Impact grant recipients, with a mission of "equipping girls who have experienced child maltreatment, commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking to find their voices, reclaim their narratives and persist forward." [Image: POETIC]

The Dallas Foundation Awards More Than $1.4M to 27 Impact-Focused Organizations

From POETIC—which helps girls who've experienced maltreatment, commercial sexual exploitation, and sex trafficking to find their voices—to Parks for Downtown Dallas, Café Momentum, Family Gateway and more, the 27 nonprofits share one ultimate goal, The Dallas Foundation says: They all provide "children and families with a brighter and more equitable community to live in.”

Why We Need to Value Younger, Everyday Philanthropists

by | Jul 20, 2021
More companies are seeing that skills-based volunteering is the future, but there is still little training and coordination of these programs, Prisma Garcia says. Though older generations think of millennials as the "selfish generation," Garcia sees them and Gen-Zers as the generations that can break down the barriers to giving.
Michael Cope: As a Mentor, He’s ‘Been There and Done That’
by | Jul 30, 2018
Michael Cope, founder of Cope Ventures, brings a wealth of startup experience to his mentoring sessions. He shares his philosophy in our "Meet the Mentor” series.

Homeless Kids, City Park, STEM Education Benefit from Philanthropy

by | Mar 28, 2018
North Texas educational institutions and nonprofits receive financial backing for their programs from foundations and businesses.
Pitch Perfect: North Texas Events Boosting Entrepreneurial Ideas
From formalized accelerator pitch days for startups to events encouraging social innovation, here are the notable events helping bring ideas to reality in North Texas.
Power, Purpose & Profit: bigBANG! Focuses on Putting Money to Work for Good
by | Oct 30, 2017
Speakers took on the concept of impact investing and what that looks like in the realm of real estate, foundations, and faith-based work.
Kineticity Seeks Submissions for Interactive Public Art Project
by | Apr 27, 2017
The project is a series of interactive, pedestrian-scale, art installations that will be placed between neighborhoods.