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Founded by PEAK6, This Action-Oriented Fintech Coalition to Fight Systemic Racism Is Led in Dallas

by | Feb 11, 2021
Fintech in Action will advance the hiring and promoting of more Black employees in finance and financial technology. Founded by Dallas-based Apex Clearing and its parent company, PEAK6, the coalition will be helmed by local Executive Director Michelle Williams, who previously led The DEC Network's efforts in Southern Dallas.
Black in Business: North Texas Entrepreneurs Give Advice, Share Perspective, and Open Dialogue
by | Jun 22, 2020
In this series, we speak with five local founders on what you can do to join the fight against social injustice.
In the Face of Change, Black Entrepreneurs in North Texas Step Up. Here’s How You Can Too
by | Jun 12, 2020
In this series, we speak with six local founders on what it means to be Black in business—and what you can do to join the fight against social injustice.

80+ Scenes From the Dallas Mavericks’ Hosted ‘Courageous Conversations’ Meet Up

The community meet up at the American Airlines Center included panel discussions with civic leaders on white privilege and racial inequity.
Count Her In: Texas Women’s Foundation Celebrates the History of Women’s Suffrage
by | Jul 22, 2019
With its new social media campaign, Texas Women's Foundation hopes to encourage more people—especially women—to get out and vote.
bigBANG! 2016 Promotes Social Justice, Equality
by | Oct 28, 2016
Advocates for social justice and racial equality are pushing for people to think about society in new, innovative ways.